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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Things are Moving

So I'm finally seeing the high risk clinic at Mt Sinai on Monday and hopefully get some answers about what the plan is for the rest of the pregnancy.
I had an ultrasound done and it showed no hydocephalus (great!) but I don't really trust what the tech saw, considering it said he couldn't see an open spina bifida - which we KNOW is there! And the head is small, which freaks me out a bit, but we'll keep watching it. But no hydro - which is what we really wanted to find out. During the ultrasound we could see his mouth opening and closing - I think Nickolas and Katheryn have been 'talking' already! He didn't move that much during the ultrasound, but as soon as I was outside he was kicking up a storm - this kid moves around ALL the time! When ever I'm awake he is usually moving and letting me know he's there. Hopefully when he's out he'll sleep a bit.

It's hard not knowing, not knowing how bad things are, or how good. Not knowing and not seeing our little boy, just imaging the worst and hoping its not that bad. Kyle and I have different perspectives about the spina bifida and the ultrasounds. He hopes for the best, I plan for the worst. So we compliment each other nicely. I am just so afraid of getting my hopes up, that things won't be as bad as what I've read.

We are trying to get the baby room ready. Slowly but surely things are progressing, we are emptying out the room and we'll start painting in a month or so. Katheryn thinks its great that she can move around the computer room a bit more. She loves running around upstairs and runs everywhere now. We just walk over to daycare in the morning instead of putting her in her stroller.
Oh are we going to have our hands full soon!