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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pirate Ship Makeover

I already posted about creating Nick's Halloween jolly wheeler/walker. But when I looked at the pictures (and of course showed them around) they just didn't pop the way I wanted them to.
I wasn't happy about how plain it looked.

So I went out and got a whole bunch of foam 'paper' from the dollar store (including a whole roll of yellow, orange and red) and tried to make things pop!

So I needed some new inspiration.

I started with some bright accessories

A captain's wheel

An anchor

A pirate flag
A treasure chest
With treasure of course! (jewels, gold coins and a king's crown)

These ones can all transfer back and forth between the wheeler and walker.

To the actual boats I updated the look too
A nice sparkly name!

I added a new deck (this is where the roll of foam came in)
And a 'figure head' sticker (I did quickly consider trying a lalaloopsy doll to the front, but thought it might traumatize Katheryn)

I put on some port holes

I updated the jolly walker too

Some chain, port holes and water


Trying out the telescope

Can't forget the pirate!

Oh Uh a Sneaky Thief!

Sorry, no sneak peak for the costumes until Halloween!


  1. I LOL'ed at the LalaLoopsy! We contemplated using one of the girls stuffies in ours as well, but figured it would be equally traumatic. I love the updates! Looks fab, he is going to be such a star tomorrow!!!