A Journey with Love and Laughter

Read about our family as we journey through life as a family, with siblings, school and spina bifida, and lots of fun and laughter along the way!


Since 2009!

Everyone year we do a fundraising initiative in June, which is Spina Bifida awareness month.

It started at a Spirit Wheel Walk Run for the Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Association of Ontario. This was their annual event that each individual family organized. When Nick was 6 months old I organized our own even to Cheer Nick (and everyone with spina bifida) on!
And then we started Nick's Cheering Squad.

We did 6 traditional Spirit Wheel Walk Run's along the Durham lakeshore, and we walked rain or shine! Last year (2016) we had to change it up a bit after Nick had surgery. We combined the fundraising with into a cottage event and Horseshoe Tournament!

We didn't walk, but we had over 50 people come out to play and raise awareness and raise funds for Nick's Cheering Squad!

This year (2017) I find that I am unable to support the (previous) Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Association of Ontario as they transition into Hydrocephalus Canada. And I find it particularly heartbreaking to not have my annual Spirit Wheel Walk Run.

But I love fundraising, and there are a lot of organizations that we could fundraise for.
This year we decided that Nick's Cheering Squad would fundraise for Grandview Children's Centre, while raising awareness and support for Spina Bifida with another Horseshoe Tournament!

Nick's Cheering Squad is fundraising for the 8th year!
Ridding Family
Horseshoe Tournament and Fundraiser
Sat June 17th

Registration starts 11am
Fun, Food and Horseshoes!
Raffles and lots of great prizes!

We have been fundraising to put a face to Spina Bifida and raise awareness since Nick was 6 months old. Since then it has been an annual tradition of bringing families and friends together to Cheer Nick (and everyone with spina bifida) on!

Check out previous years!

Nick's Cheering Squad - 2016
Horseshoe Tournament and Fundraiser
Raised $1685

Nick's Cheering Squad - 2015
We raised $845 personally (I don't have a group total yet)

Nick's Cheering Squad - 2014
We raised $1365

Nick's Cheering Squad - 2011 
We raised $2204

Nickolas' Loved Ones - 2010
We raised $2734

So... what is a Spirit Wheel Walk Run?

It is a yearly event to benefit the Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Association of Ontario. It is individually organized and can be small or large. The rules - it has to be fun, and has to be in June (spina bifida month in Ontario). More information (and a familiar face) is here.

I decided to have a fun, leisurely walk along the Oshawa lakeshore, starting at Lakeview Park. Very simple and easy - come and join us for our 3 hour walk. And Wheel, Walk or Run your way to build awareness, raise funds and support the SB&H programs, care, research and advocacy!
Our Team name is Nick's Cheering Squad!

I was able to put a face to spina bifida to combat the belief that anyone with spina bifida will be paraplegic, be dependent on us forever, never walk and always need diapers. I showed people how wonderful it is to have Nickolas and how proud I am to be his mom!