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Halloween Costumes

Halloween is so much fun!
Every year we have a lot of fun with Halloween. And having a walker/wheelchair is a bonus at Halloween, it lets you take your costume to the next step!
We spend a lot of time on Halloween and costumes, and usually start talking about it in November. But really start being serious about Halloween costumes in the summer.
Here are some of our costumes over the years


I bought this Lady and the Tramp costume for Katheryn while I was still pregnant!
It was so hot this year, that Katheryn had to wear shorts and only wore the costume for the picture.


Katheryn got another try with Lady and Tramp, and was much happier.

I decorated Nickolas as well!


This was one of my favorite costumes and the first time I made costumes, sewing sweatshirt costumes
Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad wolf.

We had family costumes. The Huntsman, Grandma, Little Red Ridinghood and the Big Bad Wolf.



The Knight and the Princess


Pirate and Cinderella
This was my first year of making a wheelchair/walker costume. I had thoughts of trick or treating in the walker, so I had that option. And everything had to be waterproof in case it rained

I made a carriage for Katheryn (with an umbrella)

The pirate ship was fun, and completely waterproof, which was good because we had rain


Tyrone and a Super Hero
Nick wanted to be Tyrone the Backyardigan, so he needed a backyard. I made a walker costume for school for Nick and then the wheelchair costume. Katheryn really wanted to go in her super hero costume

It rained this year as well, but everything was waterproof and tolerated the rain well.


This year for Nick's costume I made the wheelchair being the smaller costume and the walker (for school and trick or treating) the big costume.
Ninja turtle in the sewer (under a NYC Sewer grate)
And the Shellraiser for school.
Made from foam pads and spray painted. So it is all waterproof. Nick did well as school, but when we walked around trick or treating it was too much
We all dressed up as a family this year. Elsa had her Olaf and then the 2 ninja turtles



This year I knew exactly what I was going to do with Nick's chair (I didn't do a walker costume this year). And I made his chair into a motorcycle!

Katheryn wanted to be an angel with feathers in her wings and a blonde wig.

They had a lot of fun hamming it up for the camera



Darth Vader and Queen Elsa/Princess Aurora
Nick asked for a Death Star for his wheelchair and then wanted a tie-fighter for his walker (for school).

The tie-fighter was really simple and was easy to get on and off so it could transfer to school

Katheryn was Princess Aurora for her school costume, and then Queen Elsa for trick or treating

For Elsa Katheryn wanted to shoot snow, so we painted a web shooter and she was able to shoot water

I spent a lot of time on Nick's death star and it turned out fantastic! And my X-wing fighter (the pilots that destroy the death star) was a fun addition

We start our costumes really early, and I usually got costumes online. I want to personalize everything. It is the one time of the year that having a walker/wheelchair is beneficial.
And we have a lot of fun making costumes

Because Katheryn watches me spend a lot of time with Nick's costume. So Katheryn can pick whatever she wants and really have a costume. But Nick's costume has usually been a sweatshirt costume and makeup.

 Nick has already been talking about next year!

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