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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Everyone dressed up this year - even Nickolas!
For those you don't know, when I was pregnant with Katheryn, she dressed up as an Easter Egg! (in-utero of course).
So what do you do in October? A pumpkin of course!
Laura came and helped do my belly up.
Katheryn reused her costume from last year and was Lady from Lady and the Tramp. She fit it better this year. No trick or treating, she liked playing with her cousin Madison. Next year she might be able to eat some of the candy - so we'll wait until then.

2 more weeks to go for Nickolas - I'm starting to get nervous (like I wasn't before). And we are trying to plan what help we need for the weeks he's in the hospital and after. But I'm not sure what I'll need. You can't complain about having too many people who want to help. I just wish I had a plan, and I have no idea what to expect so I can't plan anything!

Monday, October 26, 2009

And we have a date!

November 16!
Ultrasound and doctors visit today went good. Everything is on track. He's estimated to be 6lbs 12 oz now - bigger than Katheryn at term! I had a talk with him before we went about moving around. He didn't move that well at the last ultrasound, so he cooperated this time. He even had the hiccups for part of it, and kicked a couple of times.
Everything is coming together.

We got Nickolas' room at painted. It is an especially great design (if I do say so myself) and the painters were really well staying within the lines. No really, they were really great (Dad, Laura, Cheryl, and especially Marie, and Shannen). Now its just for the decals, the flooring, the furniture and the baby!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Finally a Date! ... Kind of

So I have my next appointment at Mt Sinai - the one were I was supposed to get a date. Well I have one... actually I have 2! November 12 (Thurs) and November 16 (Mon). Because of the need for Nickolas' surgery they don't want to have my surgery on a Thursday or Friday so there will be equipment and staff and testing for Nickolas during the weekdays. But Monday the 16th was full, so they need to see if they can bump someone.
Personally the earlier the better for me, (screw getting school done), he'll be out sooner, we'll get him home sooner, he'll be that much older at Christmas. Of course I also want full staff at Sick Kids so they can do all the testing - usually a head ultrasound and MRI before the back surgery. I think if he's born on a Friday, they will just do the surgery and do the testing afterwards. AND there is always the possibility of no beds and needing to wait anyways (hopefully not, but they did mention it just in case) and I of all people know sometimes NICU beds get full fast.

We also asked about latex-free setup and they'll do the c-section latex free. We got a bit of a rundown of where Nickolas will be after he is born. While they can't guarentee how things will be, we can get a 'probably this will happen'. Pretty much we'll see him quickly then he will go to the Mt Sinai NICU to be assessed, they put a sterile dressing on his back, bloodwork, IV, antibiotics (Amp&Gent). Sick Kids will be notified. After he is stable and everything is checked out, we'll see him again for longer (how long? - probably not long enough). Then when the NICU bed is ready at Sick Kids he'll be transfered across the street. Kyle will go, meet everyone and they'll have a game plan there. I of course will still be stuck in bed recovering from the c-section.

The ultrasound was ok. He didn't cooperate very much and wasn't moving very much. His head is catching up - it has been smaller (not on the scale yet), now it is on the scale. Apparently typical for spinabifida baby's. Mild hydrocephalus, the ventricles (the part of the brain that fills with fluid that makes hydrocephalus) did grow a bit, from 8 mm and 9 mm, to 9 mm and 10.5mm and I think hydrocephalus is considered at 10mm. But again that is expected. Everything is growing ok. He's estimated to be 2444gm (at 34 1/2 weeks). That is just over 6 lbs. Katheryn was born (at 40 weeks) at 2600 gms. So its not my imagination, he is bigger!

I find he doesn't move as much as before, more rolling around and less kicking and punching - but he does love head butting my bladder. Oh Joy! And he loves rock music! The louder the better and he jumps around in there.

I think that's all the updating for now. Katheryn of course is still doing well and I'm enjoying not having to go into work. But I'm getting nervous about not alot of time left, and thinking it is dragging on forever!
Everyone knows how much I like to plan everything, and can't plan ANYTHING this time around, just a wait and see and take things as they go, and have faith that things will work out. There isn't anything I can do anyways.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


OK OK so I've been a bit lax updating this thing.

I'm officially on maternity leave (from work) - still slugging away on my MRP project for school. Katheryn really enjoyed visiting all of her family on Thanksgiving weekend and we're working on getting her learning more words. 18 months is such a milestone!

Nickolas news - I find out on Friday when our c-section will be.
I did have a visit at Mt Sinai in September and had another ultrasound, everything is still there (yes the other ultrasound place is garbage), but no hydro and everything is progressing well. Nickolas' head remains small, but that does not seem to be unusual.

This Friday I should have some more answers, have a date, meet with the pediatrician and know some kind of a game plan. I'll keep everyone posted (now that I know this blog is actually being read).

We are trying to get ready on the room - 34 weeks and no nursery yet - I'm getting a little nervous about that one. We have some clothes in the closet and the cradle - so really what else do we need right away. I have a bunch of one-peice outfits for 0-3 months, no waistbands because of the scar and no elastic bands because of the latex allergy. I need to look at more latex-free stuff. Spina bifida is associated with latex allergies and so it's assumed he will have a latex allergy and we need to look at labels!