A Journey with Love and Laughter

Read about our family as we journey through life as a family, with siblings, school and spina bifida, and lots of fun and laughter along the way!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Boy

I love the smiles!

We had a little photoshoot at home. Trying to get at least half as many pictures as I had of Katheryn by this time.
Nickolas is so big he almost looks the same size as she does! Katheryn loves holding him, she gets on the couch and lies down and pats her chest, like saying "OK I'm ready, put him here". We do let her hold him (standing very close). She just loves playing with him, and giving him her toys, or his toys.
The downside, she likes playing with him too much. He doesn't get much sleep during the say because he'll just start to nap and she'll come up to him "NIII" and he'll jump and be awake.

The good part of that is that he's sleeping well at night. He'll give me 7-9 hours now. He's still in our room, he still sleeps on his stomach, I think his incision bothers him when he's on his back too much. (And its such a big incision that I don't want to push it). We have our angel mat (that is supposed to go off if he stops breathing) so that gives me a bit of comfort putting him to sleep on his stomach.

When Katheryn goes to daycare we walk over (when it's not minus a million!!!) and I put him in my wrap. He loves it, just with his head poking out and looking at everything.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Big Boy!

Definately taking after the Ridding side of the family.

We took Nickolas for his 2 month check up - all check out great! He is 14lbs 10 oz! That puts him in the 90th percentile (which means that 90% of male babies his age are smaller than him). Katheryn is in the 5th percentile (95% of female children her age are bigger than her) definately the Bartley side of her. He is catching up quick! I already have him in 6 month clothing.

I was a little concerned they were going to say he was 16lbs!

His head is doing great. Nice size, I've been measuring it every week (trying not to obsess about it). 40.4cm which is right in the middle. It means that his shunt is working well. Increased head circumfrance is the symptom that he needed a shunt in the first place. So I've been a bit obsessed about the fontanels and the head, concerned the shunt will fail (50% chance of it failing in the first year, less if we can get past that first year).

I finally gave him a full tub bath. With his back healing I didn't want to put him in the tub, I'd just been sponge-bathing him. He loves the tub. It's nice and warm and he smiles and kicks. He is so big for the tub he has almost outgrown it!
He eats every 3-4 hours now, about 20 - 30 min at a time.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2 month Birthday

2 months already! I can hardly beleive it.

It seems like its gone by so fast! All that has happened in his young little life. But he is doing very well. He is goo-gooing - he likes having conversations with his lion that I keep on his change-table. But then he jumps if I move it. He has also started smiling and almost laughing. Happy Happy Baby!

He is still moving well, Kyle and I have even seen him point his toes on his own, and he will wiggle his toes a bit when I'm touching them with my cold hands. All good signs. We will see the spina bifida clinic next month and see where we go from there.
I try to keep him stimulated, remember to talk and sing to him, show him different things. He loves looking out the windows. He really likes being in the swing and watching the mobile. Katheryn likes when he's in the swing too. She stands over him and leaves her juice with him.
When he's in the playpen she likes to climb in there with him. She is not allowed - and she knows it - but it doesn't stop her. She's starting to learn what 'time out' means because of it. But she hasn't sat on him (yet).

This week we are going to see urology. I'm still hoping for some good news, but he's started needing to be cathed twice a day again. I'm a little disappointed we are going backwards but we'll have more news from urology - that's what he does.
He's letting me sleep a bit at night. He'll go once for 6-7 hours (8 last night) between feeding, but then the rest of the time its every 3-4 hours. But that one stretch is really nice - usually from 8pm - 3am.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Nickolas was giving out new years kisses at midnight!

We've been doing great, having a nice and relaxing holiday and getting into a routine. Nickolas is still eating great, a very healthy appetite (to say the least). Still moving great, and peeing so well I'm only cathing him once a day, and not getting much at all. I hope that on the 14th when we see the urologist we'll have some good news.

Today we are officially dressing free! His back is (finally) all healed! While he does have a very large scar (from side to side) it looks great (in comparison to what it did look like). We've finally been able to put him on his back in the swing, in chairs ect. We try to put him on his back to sleep but he hates it, and I want some sleep so he still sleeps on his belly.

We put him in the swing in the kitchen and Katheryn loved how he was at her level. She gave him her juice (he didn't like it) and she gives him his soother when he cries. Then she takes it away and gives it back. When he cries she goes running to his soother and runs it over to him, no matter where he is.

We have such great kids!