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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Boy

I love the smiles!

We had a little photoshoot at home. Trying to get at least half as many pictures as I had of Katheryn by this time.
Nickolas is so big he almost looks the same size as she does! Katheryn loves holding him, she gets on the couch and lies down and pats her chest, like saying "OK I'm ready, put him here". We do let her hold him (standing very close). She just loves playing with him, and giving him her toys, or his toys.
The downside, she likes playing with him too much. He doesn't get much sleep during the say because he'll just start to nap and she'll come up to him "NIII" and he'll jump and be awake.

The good part of that is that he's sleeping well at night. He'll give me 7-9 hours now. He's still in our room, he still sleeps on his stomach, I think his incision bothers him when he's on his back too much. (And its such a big incision that I don't want to push it). We have our angel mat (that is supposed to go off if he stops breathing) so that gives me a bit of comfort putting him to sleep on his stomach.

When Katheryn goes to daycare we walk over (when it's not minus a million!!!) and I put him in my wrap. He loves it, just with his head poking out and looking at everything.

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