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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2 month Birthday

2 months already! I can hardly beleive it.

It seems like its gone by so fast! All that has happened in his young little life. But he is doing very well. He is goo-gooing - he likes having conversations with his lion that I keep on his change-table. But then he jumps if I move it. He has also started smiling and almost laughing. Happy Happy Baby!

He is still moving well, Kyle and I have even seen him point his toes on his own, and he will wiggle his toes a bit when I'm touching them with my cold hands. All good signs. We will see the spina bifida clinic next month and see where we go from there.
I try to keep him stimulated, remember to talk and sing to him, show him different things. He loves looking out the windows. He really likes being in the swing and watching the mobile. Katheryn likes when he's in the swing too. She stands over him and leaves her juice with him.
When he's in the playpen she likes to climb in there with him. She is not allowed - and she knows it - but it doesn't stop her. She's starting to learn what 'time out' means because of it. But she hasn't sat on him (yet).

This week we are going to see urology. I'm still hoping for some good news, but he's started needing to be cathed twice a day again. I'm a little disappointed we are going backwards but we'll have more news from urology - that's what he does.
He's letting me sleep a bit at night. He'll go once for 6-7 hours (8 last night) between feeding, but then the rest of the time its every 3-4 hours. But that one stretch is really nice - usually from 8pm - 3am.

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