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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Nickolas was giving out new years kisses at midnight!

We've been doing great, having a nice and relaxing holiday and getting into a routine. Nickolas is still eating great, a very healthy appetite (to say the least). Still moving great, and peeing so well I'm only cathing him once a day, and not getting much at all. I hope that on the 14th when we see the urologist we'll have some good news.

Today we are officially dressing free! His back is (finally) all healed! While he does have a very large scar (from side to side) it looks great (in comparison to what it did look like). We've finally been able to put him on his back in the swing, in chairs ect. We try to put him on his back to sleep but he hates it, and I want some sleep so he still sleeps on his belly.

We put him in the swing in the kitchen and Katheryn loved how he was at her level. She gave him her juice (he didn't like it) and she gives him his soother when he cries. Then she takes it away and gives it back. When he cries she goes running to his soother and runs it over to him, no matter where he is.

We have such great kids!

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