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Read about our family as we journey through life as a family, with siblings, school and spina bifida, and lots of fun and laughter along the way!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Our Year of Family Fun!

Here is a sneak peak of some of the pictures over the last year!

New Years Fun

Looking at some fun things for us to do for new years, I found a couple of ideas on pintrest.
A year in review treasure hunt!
I went thru all of my pictures for 2014 and tried to pick out a couple of month.
Fun things that we did or funny pictures. I wrote on the back the month that the picture was from.
(I may have gone a little bit overboard)

Then I hid a bunch of them around the cottage.
Some in obvious places, some in sneaky places.

High and low.

Nick walks through the whole cottage with his walker.
The kids kept trading their photos so each of them had pictures of themselves.

It was a fun way to think about all of the things that we did all year.

I think we will do it again next year. With a couple of improvements.
I'll pick less pictures. Less pictures of the kids individually (because really it is only me know likes to see how they have grown over the year). Have pictures of actually doing things.
And I'll hide the pictures ahead of time (because we didn't get up to the cottage until New Years Eve I was trying to hide pictures while everyone was still around).

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Medieval Times

My parents took us all out to Medieval Times again this year. The kids had such a great time last year that they were very excited to go again!

We had our knight-prince and princess all dressed up (never got a good picture of the 2 of them together)

And everyone was excited to cheer on our favorite knight!

My parents go us seats right up at the front

Our knight was the yellow knight

Katheryn got right into it. Cheering and waving!
Every time the knight got to throw a flower into the crowd she was very disappointed that she didn't get one.

Until the end when each knight got to pick a Queen of the tournament.
And she got picked (again)

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Oh Ho Ho Cousins

Lots of Christmas visiting and family involved lots of cousins.
I don't have pictures of the Ridding cousins (and Newman cousins) but I got to take some 'Bartley' aka Mack cousins

Jeremy and Nick had fun together (and they coloured matched too)

And there will be a new cousin in a couple of months too

The kids have a great time playing with all of their cousins over the last couple of days. One of the great things about Christmas is setting aside time to visit family.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Morning

Christmas started for me at work. Where we still tried to have a bit of fun "Delivering Christmas Joy"

Then it was time to head home for Christmas morning!

Santa dropped off Katheryn's gifts as requested

And for Nick

Katheryn was very excited to see that Santa had come!

Katheryn emptied out under the tree for everyone.

We took some time in the middle of the wrapping paper mess for some cuddles and pictures

A quick kiss under the mistletoe

And wishing everyone a Merry Christmas

Then it was time for me to go to bed...

Christmas at Grandma Ridding's involved family, more presents and swimming!

The kids got lots of presents, toys, games, books and clothes.
Katheryn's favorite present was her go-go puppy and Monster High books.
Nick's favorite was his Lego's and his Ninja Turtle 'spiders'

Christmas for me was really busy, splitting family time with work and sleep time. For the kids it was fun and visiting family. I'm looking forward to finishing these last few shifts of the year and then taking time for family.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Some Elves on Christmas Eve

The elves found some fun props to play with for Christmas!

They thought it would help to make people laugh

They thought it was a fun way to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

It helps to dress Mommy up for the night!

To bring the Joy out in people

And a smile on your face

The elves thought there was lots of fun to have with the Christmas props, they just need more hands!

Unless you have a good head on your shoulders!

Merry Christmas from my elves to yours!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas crafts

For a Christmas craft this year we did some Ninja Turtle ornaments (surprise, surprise).
We had a couple of other crafts that I got, but the ninja turltes were the hit.

Finding green plastic Christmas balls were easy, the glue and the googly eyes we already had.
If you look on Pintrest (which is where the idea came from originally) you can find all kinds of stuff to do.

The hardest part was finding the appropriate part to use as a mask.
In the end I found coloured scotch tape.

Nick liked to glue on all of the googly eyes

We made a set of 4 for our own tree

And the other were all gifts for Nick's friends.
The kids were very excited that they got to give out favorite ninja turtles to their friends.