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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Years Fun

Looking at some fun things for us to do for new years, I found a couple of ideas on pintrest.
A year in review treasure hunt!
I went thru all of my pictures for 2014 and tried to pick out a couple of month.
Fun things that we did or funny pictures. I wrote on the back the month that the picture was from.
(I may have gone a little bit overboard)

Then I hid a bunch of them around the cottage.
Some in obvious places, some in sneaky places.

High and low.

Nick walks through the whole cottage with his walker.
The kids kept trading their photos so each of them had pictures of themselves.

It was a fun way to think about all of the things that we did all year.

I think we will do it again next year. With a couple of improvements.
I'll pick less pictures. Less pictures of the kids individually (because really it is only me know likes to see how they have grown over the year). Have pictures of actually doing things.
And I'll hide the pictures ahead of time (because we didn't get up to the cottage until New Years Eve I was trying to hide pictures while everyone was still around).

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