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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Chopping down our tree

Another year of our family tradition. Cutting down our Christmas tree.
This year we visited the same farm we went to last year. Spademan Tree Farm.It has nice trees, close to the parking lot, without a lot of hills. They also have wagon rides and hot chocolate.

We have the wagon for Nick to go into the fields with. It has big wheels so go over rough terrain.
Nick seemed happy to be in the wagon at first.

He even got to meet the newest member of our dog-family (Macklyn)

And this year was Nick's year to pick out the tree

Kyle and Katheryn cut it down

 And counted how old the tree was

The tree is beautiful and has a huge and full bottom.

But Nick wasn't very happy. Yes he smiled for the pictures, but the rest of the time he just looked sad. Nothing hurt, he wasn't cold, he said that nothing was wrong.
When we got back to the fire he cheered up

I think he was upset being in the wagon. Not being able to move around on his own. So we are going to have to think about how we will be able to make this happen next year. We'll have a whole year to think it over. And it will depend on if there is snow or not.

It can't be a family tradition if it doesn't work for the whole family.

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