A Journey with Love and Laughter

Read about our family as we journey through life as a family, with siblings, school and spina bifida, and lots of fun and laughter along the way!

Monday, September 28, 2015


Some smiles just because

Because sometimes it is fun to share your seat

Because scarves are cool

Because being a Beaver AND Thor is very serious

Because it is a gorgeous day

 Because dressing up is fun

Because sometimes you just need to ring the doorbell and wait

Because today was a great day

Because what better way to fall asleep than a smile on your face

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Zoo time

After the SB&H general meeting we all went to the zoo.
Everyone got to pick 1 animal to go and visit

Nick picked the penguins

Katheryn picked the lions, but her favorite was watching the gorillas outside

Nick had lots of fun moving himself around by himself

We stopped and watched the tiger on our way back to the front of the zoo

And we got to take some pictures

This is my favorite. Shows how lucky I am to have these 2!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

General Meeting

We went to the Annual General Meeting for the Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Association of Ontario. 

Every year we try to go, and every year I bring the kids (or at least Nick). I really think it is helpful for him to be in that environment, even though he doesn't pay attention to the presenters. I also bring lots of toys and stuff for the kids to be distracted by.

This year they had another awareness initiative with t-shirts
Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus
Spirit Breakthrough Hope has traditionally been the slogan of SB&H
There is a new slogan of Strong Brave Human

These are different words for SBH, but it is not specific to spina bifida and hydrocephalus, it is something that is for everyone.
 Everyone is strong, everyone is brave, and everyone is human
So here is the thing. Wear the shirt and be aware of how you are strong, brave and human. And when someone else asks you about your shirt you challenge them. What makes you strong, brave and human.

This got me thinking, imagine a day (in June) where everyone wears a shirt to celebrate themselves and what they can do. What makes us the same and what makes us different, what makes us strong, brave and human.

I am excited to bring the idea to Nick's school and even my work.

Another thing at the General Meeting was that I got an award.
They said some really nice things about me, and what I have brought to the organization and done to raise awareness and support in the community. It was really nice and I am so thankful!

Nick and I also got to meet someone I only met online. Jenna is an adult with spina bifida and Nick was excited to meet her. I am so thankful for her perspective and knowledge and it was very nice meeting her in person

The kids also each got a present that had been donated to the organization.
Katheryn got a bunny (that she carried around with her all day... and longer). Nick got a Batman play castle, and the kids have set it up and play with it after school every day!

It was nice that I was thanked at the general meeting, but I am incredible thankful that the organization is there for me and my family. This is why I work hard raising funds for the organization through calendar sales (coming soon) and our SWWR walk

Monday, September 21, 2015

Hairraising Fun!

I decided on a bit of a fun change and got some bright purple put into my hair

Nick decided he wanted his hair done too!
First we tried blue

Then we tried purple

I won't let the kids really dye their hair, but I got some colour cream in blue and purple that completely washes out.
(And where is it most fun to try new things than while sitting on the potty)

Nick's hair is really easy to dye, Katheryn's is dark and the colour doesn't show up very well. Katheryn's didn't want her hair done, or at least not the temporary kind. She is just waiting unitl she can do it for real (when she is 15, when she can change her colour every other day... like I did).

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Meet the Teacher

Nick has really been enjoying going to school.
He wants to go every morning and is upset on the weekend when he finds out he doesn't get to go and see his friends.

I hear from Katheryn and some of the other kids how Nick is always surrounded by girls in the playground (which evens out, because Katheryn is always with the boys).

It is actually working out really well (socially) that Nick is in a split class. Because all of the grade 2s are friends with Katheryn. 
We had Meet the Teacher night tonight and one of the other parents told me how well Nick is doing in class. She told me how much her son talks about Nick and how excited her son was to have a new friend. It is funny, because he son is the little boy that Katheryn has been talking about since JK.
It was really nice to hear how well Nick has been doing in his new school.

For meet the teacher we got to visit the classrooms

And see some of their artwork

Katheryn is in a split class as well (2/3)

Katheryn really wanted me to take a picture of the inside of her desk

And we got to pick out which of the self portraits was Katheryn (I picked right)

Then we all went to to gym for assembly. It was really nice to see how much Nick is adjusting to his new school. 

I feel so much better about Nick being in school

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Cousins and fun

We had some more cottage time with everyone for a great-great-aunt and uncle wedding anniversary. Katheryn was asking if the world was black and white back then, we said no, but the picture on the cake told a different story...

The party was fun and it let the cousins spend some time together

Katheryn is playing school

 Nick and Austin playing in the dirt

All the kids together, looking at the camera and smiling!

I have no idea what the girls are doing

This is actually a posed picture. Katheryn and Maddie wanted me to take a picture of both of them pretending to talk and gossip

And then a classic girly pose

Cousin Fun!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Backyard fun

 You know how there are those memory photos on facebook?
This is one from 5 years ago
Look at how cute these kids are!

Well the kids were playing in the backyard again, and I thought we could get a similar picture

This one had a crazy little puppy involved

Katheryn decided she wanted some more pictures (photo credits to Nick)
Katheryn is definately the photo-shy one of the family, so we take the opportunity when it is offered.

Rory went in for some puppy nibbles

And he wanted some pictures together with the puppy

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Grade One and Two... First Day of School

The day arrived. The first day of school.
After getting all my thoughts and stresses out on 'paper' yesterday, and a good night sleep we were all ready for today!

Both the kids got up and were ready to go in the morning. The bags were packed, lunches were done, clothes picked out, new shoes all ready.

Katheryn was very specific about what she wanted for her hair style. And wanted me to take a picture so that she could show it off.

Katheryn was very excited to start school and see all of her friends. She couldn't wait to get on the bus and start grade 2!
She told me that I could take 3 pictures of her, but she only wanted to do one pose.

We weren't sure how the bus schedule will work with the kids. So Kyle and Katheryn went together to Katheryn's bus stop. He got  back to the house in time for Nick's bus, so there is enough time to get to both stops.

Nickolas is excited as well to start school. Not nervous a bit (or if he is, he isn't telling me). When Nick got up in the morning, he was happy that he was going to see his friends today. When I reminded him that he was going to his new school, he told "I know that, I am happy to  meet my new friends."

The bus driver called me yesterday to confirm pick-up time, and was there in time at our house. So there wasn't any delay in Nick going to school. Nick got in the bus and then was gone.

 I went into the school right after first recess to watch Nick's bathroom routine and offer any suggestions. Nick looked so happy there and everyone said he was doing well. I never got to see Katheryn (I didn't want to interrupt anyone too much).

When the kids came home. They said that they had a great time at school. Nick said he made lots of friends, and seems to be in class with all of Katheryn's friends. Katheryn is also in a split class of grade 2/3, which I am very happy about. I think she will do great in a split class.

Both of them are very happy to be back in school!