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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Meet the Teacher

Nick has really been enjoying going to school.
He wants to go every morning and is upset on the weekend when he finds out he doesn't get to go and see his friends.

I hear from Katheryn and some of the other kids how Nick is always surrounded by girls in the playground (which evens out, because Katheryn is always with the boys).

It is actually working out really well (socially) that Nick is in a split class. Because all of the grade 2s are friends with Katheryn. 
We had Meet the Teacher night tonight and one of the other parents told me how well Nick is doing in class. She told me how much her son talks about Nick and how excited her son was to have a new friend. It is funny, because he son is the little boy that Katheryn has been talking about since JK.
It was really nice to hear how well Nick has been doing in his new school.

For meet the teacher we got to visit the classrooms

And see some of their artwork

Katheryn is in a split class as well (2/3)

Katheryn really wanted me to take a picture of the inside of her desk

And we got to pick out which of the self portraits was Katheryn (I picked right)

Then we all went to to gym for assembly. It was really nice to see how much Nick is adjusting to his new school. 

I feel so much better about Nick being in school

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