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Saturday, September 26, 2015

General Meeting

We went to the Annual General Meeting for the Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Association of Ontario. 

Every year we try to go, and every year I bring the kids (or at least Nick). I really think it is helpful for him to be in that environment, even though he doesn't pay attention to the presenters. I also bring lots of toys and stuff for the kids to be distracted by.

This year they had another awareness initiative with t-shirts
Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus
Spirit Breakthrough Hope has traditionally been the slogan of SB&H
There is a new slogan of Strong Brave Human

These are different words for SBH, but it is not specific to spina bifida and hydrocephalus, it is something that is for everyone.
 Everyone is strong, everyone is brave, and everyone is human
So here is the thing. Wear the shirt and be aware of how you are strong, brave and human. And when someone else asks you about your shirt you challenge them. What makes you strong, brave and human.

This got me thinking, imagine a day (in June) where everyone wears a shirt to celebrate themselves and what they can do. What makes us the same and what makes us different, what makes us strong, brave and human.

I am excited to bring the idea to Nick's school and even my work.

Another thing at the General Meeting was that I got an award.
They said some really nice things about me, and what I have brought to the organization and done to raise awareness and support in the community. It was really nice and I am so thankful!

Nick and I also got to meet someone I only met online. Jenna is an adult with spina bifida and Nick was excited to meet her. I am so thankful for her perspective and knowledge and it was very nice meeting her in person

The kids also each got a present that had been donated to the organization.
Katheryn got a bunny (that she carried around with her all day... and longer). Nick got a Batman play castle, and the kids have set it up and play with it after school every day!

It was nice that I was thanked at the general meeting, but I am incredible thankful that the organization is there for me and my family. This is why I work hard raising funds for the organization through calendar sales (coming soon) and our SWWR walk

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