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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Getting Ready for School

So the big day is coming when Nick is starting his first day of school and joining his sister
We have done first day of school twice before (JKSK), but it was sending Nick to a smaller school, with a lot of support. This is sending Nick to a larger school, with less support and with lots of friends and kids who already know him

We had our pre-school meeting this week to make sure that we have everything in place for Tuesday. We had the school Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Nurse, Special Education Teacher, Education Assistants, and Teachers. We went through how he transfers, and moves into his equipment, what equipment he actually has at school (standing frame, walker, school chair,  computer, canes, toilet supplies).

We showed Nick around his classroom and made sure he could get out the fire door (there is a step).
The classroom was set up so we knew where Nick was sitting and could see how he gets around the classroom.

We adjusted his school seat so that he is more supported. One of the things they had on every desk was erasers (which is on the latex list), but we checked and they are all latex free

 Nick was very nervous when we started. There were a lot of people that he didn't know, and he was the center of attention and we were all wanting him to do stuff. They wanted to see how he walks with his walker, so he walked around the room, sooo slowly and carefully. I had to laugh because I said he usually is much faster!
It took a while, but he did become more comfortable and he was soon racing around his classroom and telling everyone all about Ninja Turtles and different Avengers.

They  have a nurse coming in for the first little bit to teach the EA's about Nick's bathroom stuff. I am going to be going into the school on Tuesday to try to give them some pointers as well, all of those little stuff that works for Nick but isn't in any checklist.

Talking with the teacher we also talked about me sending in a pamphlet with some information about Nickolas to go to his fellow students (and parents). The teacher pamphlet is too detailed, and I wanted something with information about the equipment and also that the equipment is not a toy.

I wondered about putting my blog on it. I know from other families that it is findable, it isn't secret. So I thought it wouldn't hurt to have it on as a potential resource.

I just have to print off 30 copies of this for the first day of school. I also have a change of clothes, some gauze and tape (if the MACE leaks), a teachers guide to hydrocephalus, and a couple of the teacher handouts for the first day.

I'm hoping we are ready as ready as we can be for school on Tuesday!

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