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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A countdown to school...

Camp is done, so now comes the next big event - we can only be excited for one thing at a time.
Now it is the first day of school
So I pulled out all of the material we got in June and thought I should probably start reading it.

We got the picture book for Nick to look at.
To start to get a little more excited about school

I hadn't actually realized that Nick thought that I (or Daddy or Jennifer) was going to school with him. And he's been getting upset when we tell him that we aren't going with him.
We talk about the bus, the new friends, the teacher (her picture is in the book)

We have a parent/teacher interview next week and then the following Monday school is in!

There is a whole binder full of stuff that I should probably look more closely at (I see labour day reading in my future)

And there is a dozen  pages or so for me to fill out

And I'll include my school passport as well

A lot of this post is a review of information I already posted. But now we are in the final countdown and this is actually happening.

In 13 days

I think I'm ready. I'm not sure how to get Nick more ready.
I hope he adjusts well.
I guess we'll see.

13 days.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Easter Seals Camp - Day 6 - Heading Home

Good Morning! 

We got our camp clothes on (nice and bright of course) and packed up.

Grandma and Nick had fun chasing/running with each other!

We got our last flag raising

Our camp song of the day

And then the Woodeden song and flag raising
They asked Nick if he wanted to do it, but he said no.

After breakfast we had lots of help to bring all of our stuff out and pack the car.
Then we packed up the kids

And everyone came and sang us off!

Our Easter Seals Camp was done for 2013!

Our highlights of the week!
628 pictures of everything
Swimming in the pool every day (with water always over 80 degrees)
Doing things we wouldn't otherwise do
Reaching new heights
Challenging ourselves
Checking out some new adaptive sports
And of course, the time together as a family
Talking and meeting other families
Having an acute case of deja vu with a family I have never met before, sitting in a room I've never been in before having a conversation
What would we do next time?
#1 - bring a mattress topper (they have hospital beds with old hospital-bed mattresses and that NOT comfortable)
Also bed-related - make sure you have a sleeping bag and pillows (they do provide sheets and pillows, but not like home)
Also something (materials or ideas of just the time) to do something to thank your counselors. We wanted to make a card for everyone, but ran out of time once I thought about it. So next time
Ideas for the talent show
Also don't forget batteries, chargers
Don't count on the Internet - it's hard to get bars
(and you shouldn't be on your phone/Internet anyways - except for pictures of course)
Take naps when you need to
Be prepared for some crabby kids if you don't do the above
There is lots of walking, and hills
I could have done it with by myself if I had to, the cabin counsellors were incredible
But I would have felt more stretched
Bring snacks
Bring chocolate sauce if your child only drinks chocolate milk (like Nick - we did this)
If you wear your 3E Love shirts, bring their card for all the people who ask where it came from
Don't count on keeping with your routine - it won't work
Be ready for a week that is full from 8am flag-raising to 10pm
Just as I'm finishing this post, I noticed a video posting on Easter Seals about Woodeden. I think it was video taken from last year, even though it says 2013 (everyone is wearing 2012 shirts)

 I just hope we can go again next year!


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Easter Seals Camp - Day 5 - The Fun Isn't Stopping!

Today is our last day of camp activities, tomorrow we leave in the morning after breakfast...

So all of those activities that sounded like fun to do later we had to decide what to do today

Katheryn spent the morning making a hemp necklace.

While Nick went back for a nap. The days have been so full of stuff he wants to do, that it is just go-go-go and his routine has been broken up that he is having a hard time to adjust on some days.
But a nap was quick to revive him

Because it was sledge hockey time again!

Nick was excited to try out the sledges again.

The fun of being in the sledge quickly wore off of Katheryn (especially when she wiped out)

 But we quickly got a family game going!
Mommy going for the assist!
Nick is getting a shot off!

After lunch we decided to off and make our own activity

there was a trail and I wanted to see if it lead down to the river

It didn't...
But we could see the river from where we were

And there were lots of acorns to collect.

Then it was time for lunch!

Where Nick had little finger-men walking all over the table

And someone got a Golden Ticket for dinner tonight

Right after lunch Katheryn and I hurried off while grandma and Nick went to make some soap.
Katheryn and I were going up high in the air!

Katheryn has been a little unsure about the ropes course. When she couldn't go last time she said "I wasn't aww when they said I couldn't go right now. But if they say I can't go tomorrow, then I will be aww."

But when we actually got there she didn't want to do it.

I didn't actually have to force her to go. But we had lots of talks before she agreed to go up

Once she agreed to go, she was all hooked up and on her way up...
and up.....

And then it was my turn to climb up (see the ladder that doesn't reach top) and join her
She was still nervous that she was up so high

But was still ready to go
(This is Collie, he is one of our counsellors)

Mommy got to follow, all by herself, no holding hands for me...
Still a little nervous

Katheryn had her choice between 2 bridges.
The stable bridge and this bouncy bridge.

I wasn't sure if it would make her more nervous if I was on it too. So I let them cross first
They took a rest

Then it was time to head back
Katheryn still wasn't won over by the experience

This is our scary face

And our smiley face (do you see a smile in there?)

There it is!
Because she is heading back down

Down, down, down....

Now that we are on the ground, Katheryn said she had fun. But next time she goes up she'll do the whole course (except the tires).
And she says that she was glad that she went, and that it was fun!

I just realized that I should have taken pictures from the top of the course! Oh well, next time.

We were up and down before Nick and grandma got to join us.
It was hot up there! No clouds in the sky and just a bit of wind.
Time to hit the pool!

Katheryn was just swimming, swimming, swimming away!
She didn't want anyone helping her, kept putting her face in the water and blowing bubbles.
We had some swimming races (with mommy only using her arms) 
And Nick was having fun swimming on his belly - and we were working on getting him to kick his legs behind him.
We spent as much time as we could in the water before it was time to get out, rest for a bit and get ready for the big night!
On our what-to-bring list including the suggestion for a dress-up outfit for the last night. So I made sure that I had something cute

So much cuteness!
And the yellow flower was a favorite

We had an opportunity to get family photos done.
I was going to take Nick out of his chair for the pictures. And then my Marie wisely commented that the chair is part of who he is. So he stayed in his chair

Katheryn wanted to ride it too

Then it was time for family photos.
We were all colour coordinated with each other!

Katheryn quickly tired of smiling for a bunch of photos
We got a picture of all cabin counsellors!
Nick, Heather, Parker, Collie and Tara! They were FANTASTIC!!
And the kids loved them!

This our cabin family.

OK Pictures are done, now it's time for the food!
Everyone grab your golden ticket!

So how was the food Nick?
Yummy turkey dinner!

Grandma won this in the silent auction

Now it's time to dance the night away!

Nick was definitely a dancing hit!

He even showed off his cool cane moves!

They had the swing open for the adults.
We went to watch for a bit. There is not anything that will make me go up and do that (they pull you about 70 feet in the air, you pull the rope and drop.... and swing...
Marie thought about going, but there were a bunch of people in front of her.

Our last night of games night.
Go Fish!

We didn't pack anything tonight. Just leave it all for tomorrow morning.
We've had a great camp!