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Friday, August 16, 2013

Easter Seals Camp - Day 3 - Activity!

Today turned into a very active day.
It started with the parents program.
Rock climbing! I was so excited! I was the first one there!
I went up twice, the easy wall and then the more difficult wall. I got to ring the bell!
It was fun, something I always wanted to try!
There was only one other couple who showed up, and we still had lots of time in the gym, so the adults decided to try out the wheelchairs, and play some wheelchair basketball.

See that little stage behind us? It is hard work to go up and down that ramp! I don't know how the kids do it! But I was definitely working out today!

The kids were also out and having fun as well

Katheryn has been watching Brave lately, and when we found out there was going to be archery she was very excited!

Nick was excited too (but we have more archery photos with him on another day)
And that was only first period!
We still had lots more to do!

Had time to play around

Remembering to hydrate

After lunch it was Christmas in August!
With Santa, presents, reindeer and sleigh rides!

We tried to get Nick on the sleigh rides but he didn't want to go. The kids that went on had lots of fun!

 We even had some snow and a snowball fight!

We had lots more to do today.
But first we all had to meet at the purple moose!

Whisper some encouragement to each other

And then get all dressed up
Same as my rock-climbing gear

And then it was time to go up... up... up...

Nick was a little unsure about the climb up, but he was happy when he got to mommy

And then we were off!

So how high were we?

Can you see us?

Soon it was time to go back down.
We crossed 2 bridges and then went back. The first bridge was open in the middle, and considering I was holding Nick's hands and looking down, I had to quickly get over my nervousness of heights. We had one of the counselors in front of us, and I was behind Nick.
We went on another bridge as well (not that wobbly). And Nick was done.

He really wanted to go down the ladder with me and had a little bit of a freak out when I said he had to go down the rope.

But when we asked if Nick wanted to do it another time, he said he would (next year).
Katheryn didn't have enough time to go up this time (they let the Easter Seals kids up first, and if there is time the siblings can go). Katheryn didn't mind.
After a quick rest the kids were ready for more fun!
Nick has being choosing how he wants to get around.
Between the walker, the wheelchair and the canes he has been very mobile while also keeping his energy (and he impressed everyone at the camp - counselors and parents) with how well he was walking with everything, and of course how cute he is

 Katheryn was busy making friends, noise, and our counselors follow her around being silly

She got over her jealousy I think about the attention Nick was getting, and made friends with the other siblings.

Soon it was campfire time.
This time I actually got to watch it.
There was a play and lots of camp fire songs

Katheryn wanted to make faces

 And Nick wanted to play with rocks

Campfire had lots of singing and it's amazing how the counselors bring so much energy!

After campfire it was time for some milk and snack

Then game-time. Katheryn was very excited playing the game of Life that she had a dozen babies that she needed to have 2 cars and some babies slept on top of her house. When we put the game away Katheryn made sure we took care of her babies.
Nick won - he was an accountant and made lots of money

The kids slept well!

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