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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Easter Seals Camp - Day 4 - Filling it with Fun!

Rise and shine!

We have a full day ahead!

The kids program for the day was a little bit lopsided. All of the kids at the camp wanted to do the same thing (tie-die t-shirts). So there was a mix-up of activities so everyone was happy.

These are the tie-dye the kids did

They were so excited! (At the end of the day you could see them all out drying)
Looks like a fun activity to do in the future

Everyone also got to play dress-up!

And then basketball!

For parent program I went off on my own and found a nice and secluded spot where there wasn't anyone around and I could put my feet up and read my book for an hour.

I was actually surprised that I wasn't joined by any other parents.
But it was very peaceful.

Then it was back to the fun!

Nick and I went to play some archery

And do some painting
The balloons are filled with paint, so when they pop the paint will go on the canvases below.

I was a little concerned about the balloons at first. But the balloons are filled (so those nasty latex particles wouldn't be airborne) and we were still a fair distance away

Nick got to go first (and wanted to go first - a first)
This picture might look a bit scary at first glance...

But I guess they know what they are doing

A hit!

There was even some time left over for mommy to try!
And once I figured out how to actually keep the arrow on the box the right way it was fun!
(And when my arrow kept falling off, it was funny - so either way it was a winner)

This was the masterpiece that we picked out
Katheryn was busy painting her pottery, making a masterpiece of her own. Rainbow colours of course, it will be glazed and ready for us before we leave.
 The group activity today was painting.
One of Katheryn's favorite things to do!

They were supposed to paint What camp means to you

So they were both painting Easter Eggs

Easter eggs and hand prints, more Easter Eggs

All of the paint started mixing up
So I pulled the plug on the painting.
All of our hand prints are under there somewhere

 For third period today there were a couple of choices. Nick needed a nap (whether he admitted it or not) so that was what we did. And he was quite adamant that he did NOT need a nap - all the way back to our cabin
But Katheryn wanted to do sword fighting, or was it wheelchair basketball, or where there still costumes laying around...
A little nap regenerated Nick and it was time for more pool time!
The constant days in the pool have made both kids more comfortable in the pool. But Katheryn has just become a little fish!

All those years of fighting during swimming lessons, and 1 week in a pool and she is off and swimming by herself! Doing laps up and down the pool, swimming by herself with just the life jacket!

Nick was also getting independent and wanting to climb up and down the ramp by himself.

It has been a fight every time when it is time to get the kids out of the pool.
But pretty soon it was time to get out, get dried and ready for Sell the Sizzle!
This is when the staff get together to 'sell' the program for tomorrow.
Then it's time to go back in for dinner
Dinner was a success tonight.
Meatballs for Nick and peanut butter (or WOW butter... shh don't tell Katheryn) for Katheryn

And then it was time for more playing outside.
Nick playing with the girls

And Katheryn being 'queen of the castle'

After dinner was the Talent show!
This pretty much sums it up. Katheryn was more interested in playing in the corner of the outdoor theatre.

She was ore excited when she got a more comfortable seat!

And Nick would be interested, then distracted, then interested...

They had a sign up sheet for kid and parent talents. The kids one filled in pretty quickly, and the parent one only had 1 entry.
The kids wanted to go up after seeing everyone else on stage.
Next time we go, I'd definitely want to come up with something

 This is a quick clip of what the staff did.

And then there was the one where they asked for parent volunteers...
And both kids say "Mommy, can you go up on stage?"

Then it was back to the cabins!

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