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Thursday, August 1, 2013

How'd the crutches work?

Never one to be satisfied with where we are right now, I wanted to look forward and consider the future. I think I mentioned in the beginning of the month that I'd also been looking at some crutches.
I found some at a reasonable price, and so we could have them on hand I bought them.
Doing some measurements he was within the top range of toddler crutches, and just below the lower range of the pediatric child crutches. So I got the child ones.
To have some options available to us.

So when they came, Nick humored us and tried them out. He wasn't too happy about them.
He can stand with them, straighter than with the canes, but they are still too big for him right now.

He doesn't realize he is standing by himself without the couch.

When we tried them out. On the plus side of it, he wasn't upset...

They will be used, just not right now.
So they are sitting in our dining room right now, there if Nick wants to try them out again, they are small and out of the way. I'm not regretting the purchase, we'll try again in September.

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