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Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Big Surprise

We brought Nick home a big surprise!
It was something that he has really needed. And was another parental-fail over the last couple of months. It was March when we went to the bike fair and found what we wanted/needed. And June when it became painfully obvious that what we had was just not working for him.

We looked at funding, and talked about it, but didn't do anything about it. And the summer is slipping away and still we have no bike for Nick. I didn't want to wait, and I didn't want to pay too much, and I wanted something to work. But it didn't magically happen (I think my fairy duster is broken).

Luckily I have an amazing connection to used pediatric equipment! With Zach's List! (There is a link on the bottom of my blog as well. Because surely someone has a bike their kid has outgrown!
And we found one.
And we got it and brought it home. It has almost everything we were looking for (it's just missing a parent handle)

Nick was so surprised when we showed him! "That's for me?!"

And felt like such a big boy when we put him on it!

It is a touch big, which is perfect! But his feet reach the pedals, and he reaches the handle bars. So it is perfect!
The next day we could really try it out!
He was sooooo happy!
We got to ride to daycare and pick up Katheryn! On his new bike!

Katheryn's is ready for a new bike too (but I think it will have to wait until next year) she can still ride hers and have fun together on the driveway.

No matter how much we paid for this bike (which was reasonably close to the estimate I imagined), this picture makes it all worth it!
Riding his bike with the neighborhood kids.


  1. "another parental-fail"

    When I think of you guys, I think of the opposite of failure.

    Awesome to see that Nick has a sweet ride. ;-)

  2. That's awesome! Kingsley wants a bike. Next year, maybe. His will be more complicated. That's so awesome that Nick can bike with the kids now!!