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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Easter Seals Camp - Day 2 - Figuring out Camp

It's wake up time!
Up early for the flag raising.
Including singing O Canada, the Woodeden song and the song of the day.

Then it was breakfast time.
We also get to plan our day.
The days are set out as periods of the day.
First period are children separate from parent programs.
Second period is family programs
Woodeden activities
Third period with more family programs
Fourth period is family bonding time. No programs scheduled but the pool is open.

This is from Day 3
We have a preview of the activities the day before in something called Sell the Sizzle which is like commercials. It is done right before dinner (so yesterday we got to see 'commercials' to decide what to do today).

There were a number of activities each period for every one to choose from.

Today the kids wanted to do Basketball

And Marie and I made cinnamon rolls with other parents

Nick came to check them out
For second period we decided to head to the pool

They keep it nice and warm a good 85+. This was one of the kids favorite things to do at the camp

 We were in the pool every day.
And the kids loved it!
And mommy got good exercise too

For lunch we decided to try something quieter and ate outside at a picnic table.
But that didn't meet with approval either.
Soon it was time for more fun.
There were water games this time!
We played pass the wet sponge, shoot the counsilor, drip-drip-drop (like duck-duck-goose) and finally a couple of taste challenges (nothing like drinking a cup of maple syrup - gag)
Next was third period and we were all excited about what we had picked to do!
Katheryn wanted to make a toothbrush holder in pottery

And Nick (and I) were excited to do sledge hockey.

Honestly, I was happy that he was as excited as I was about it
I got to try too. It is hard! And this was just on concrete. I'm not sure if it would harder or easier on ice. Nick couldn't get the hang of using the sticks to move himself and to shoot the ball.
But he had lots of fun!

We took a side trip on the way back and played a little basketball too.

 Then it was time to play Rocks.
The perfect use for family bonding time

Which rebooted everyone for the rest of the day.
Because there was still lots to do!

Parent-only time was Mystery Chef.
With sweet potatoes and apples and a cupboard full of ingredients, a stove and 60 minutes to make a masterpiece!

We made an apple-sweet potato crumble. That would have been fantastic - if we had enough time for to cook. I think next time we'd cook the sweet potato/apple first. It was a touch raw.
But it was fun!

The kids meanwhile hardly even noticed that we were gone.
It was game night! (Katheryn won)

We had a fantastic day 2!
Time for bed.

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  1. I'm loving these updates! This place sounds AMAZING and I can't believe it's right here near me. I'm going to have to dig up the info you sent me and see about getting in next year. I want to hear about the rest!