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Monday, August 19, 2013

Easter Seals Camp - Day 6 - Heading Home

Good Morning! 

We got our camp clothes on (nice and bright of course) and packed up.

Grandma and Nick had fun chasing/running with each other!

We got our last flag raising

Our camp song of the day

And then the Woodeden song and flag raising
They asked Nick if he wanted to do it, but he said no.

After breakfast we had lots of help to bring all of our stuff out and pack the car.
Then we packed up the kids

And everyone came and sang us off!

Our Easter Seals Camp was done for 2013!

Our highlights of the week!
628 pictures of everything
Swimming in the pool every day (with water always over 80 degrees)
Doing things we wouldn't otherwise do
Reaching new heights
Challenging ourselves
Checking out some new adaptive sports
And of course, the time together as a family
Talking and meeting other families
Having an acute case of deja vu with a family I have never met before, sitting in a room I've never been in before having a conversation
What would we do next time?
#1 - bring a mattress topper (they have hospital beds with old hospital-bed mattresses and that NOT comfortable)
Also bed-related - make sure you have a sleeping bag and pillows (they do provide sheets and pillows, but not like home)
Also something (materials or ideas of just the time) to do something to thank your counselors. We wanted to make a card for everyone, but ran out of time once I thought about it. So next time
Ideas for the talent show
Also don't forget batteries, chargers
Don't count on the Internet - it's hard to get bars
(and you shouldn't be on your phone/Internet anyways - except for pictures of course)
Take naps when you need to
Be prepared for some crabby kids if you don't do the above
There is lots of walking, and hills
I could have done it with by myself if I had to, the cabin counsellors were incredible
But I would have felt more stretched
Bring snacks
Bring chocolate sauce if your child only drinks chocolate milk (like Nick - we did this)
If you wear your 3E Love shirts, bring their card for all the people who ask where it came from
Don't count on keeping with your routine - it won't work
Be ready for a week that is full from 8am flag-raising to 10pm
Just as I'm finishing this post, I noticed a video posting on Easter Seals about Woodeden. I think it was video taken from last year, even though it says 2013 (everyone is wearing 2012 shirts)

 I just hope we can go again next year!


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  1. Awesome!! I really want to do this next year. Going to have to dig up all the info again. :)