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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy Zoo Year!

Our new years eve plans were in jeopardy with the virus I had (I'm off work for 10 days!) But with a pair of gloves, and realizing that I wasn't putting any newborn babies at risk - we decided to head to the zoo for their annual new years party.

It was BUSY! And dark.
We saw a polar bear (up and eating), Santa's reindeer and a snowy owl (hoo hoo).

They had the carousal up and running and all Katheryn wanted to do was ride the dolphin!
And I found out that they are wheelchair accessible (so next year when it's running again, Nick can come with us)

There was some dancing

And getting ready for the 8pm new years countdown!

Nick was very excited that he could see the stage and the huge screen tv!

The only negative thing - trying to manoeuvre Nick's wheelchair in between cars, and through the slush -  because people had blocked the driveway and the walkway to the accessible spots was not shoveled!
Yes we did tell them at the front  -but nothing was done.

So except for that little non-speed bump, we had a good send-off to 2011.

Friday, December 30, 2011

An Ottawa trip

The kids and I had the opportunity to go to Ottawa for a couple of days after Christmas.

The trip up was a little eventful.

Packing for the kids and I after a busy Christmas then trying to miss the storm that was coming.
Meanwhile I have what I'm thinking is an eczema attack to my hands and feet, and something like heat rash or something?! (I did a google search before I left didn't leave me with any answers)

After a 40 minute stop in Tweed to go to the bathroom - not impressed! Come on Tim Hortons - seriously a 2 stall bathroom for a major stop from Ottawa to Toronto; where the child change table not only blocks a bathroom stall - but it is also in front of the doorway - with about 20 people in line behind me! So not impressed!
This is where we usually stop in the summertime, but these facilities are just not up to par!

We eventually got to Ottawa (well, really just outside of Ottawa).

When we got up past hwy 7 there was snow!
Actual snow on the ground!
Katheryn has been asking for snow for weeks! She wants to make snow angels and throw snow balls. We saw the little flakes of snow on the ground and Katheryn was so excited!

Little did she know what was waiting for us!

We stayed with my cousins Phil and Joy and their 3 kids.
I think everyone had a great time. Doing nothing.

That first night there was a little exciting. I realized I forgot all of Nick's catheter stuff at home. And that I really should get to a walk-in clinic, because I did not have eczema! I had a very contagious virus that luckily my cousins had all had before and that meant they couldn't catch it again.

So besides doing nothing, getting alot of rest and being outside (until we froze in -20C weather) and stocking up on tylenol and advil, they had a great train set that the kids kept playing with, taking apart, making changes and putting back together.

What makes a better family get-together than kids playing with toys in the midst of everyone catching up!

After a relaxing 5 days (extended because of more potential weather) it was back home to reality.
Luckily I wasn't driving - my parents were able to drive me home and help with the kids (my hands are still not 100% - I'm told the virus only lasts 10 days)
 This was some of the beautiful roadside views we had.
This picture doesn't do it justice. Snow covered trees! Something that I love the see in December - not so much in February!

We all had a great time in Ottawa, visiting and catching up.
I hope we can plan more visits soon!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Oh Poop!

I hate poop.
I hate that I worry about poop.

Nick has been constipated. Pebbles constipated. For 5 days.
Over the weekend I kept increasing his PEG and expecting it to get better, but it wasn't. Then I had to sit back and think about how long it has been worrying me. On Friday - yes, on Thursday - yes. Today is Monday. I couldn't wait any longer. Nick was definitely severely constipated, and it was only getting worse.
It was actually the worse I've seen it.

I have been worrying about it. Really, really worried. That I actually call his pediatrician. And I NEVER do that!
But after a couple of phone calls back and forth, some trips to the pharmacy, asking questions on BabyCenter and Facebook and if it doesn't work the first time - try again with more volume. We got it!
Yup we got poop.
It only took a top-down approach of medication, and a bottom up approach of suppository and enemas.

Sometimes I think I overthink the whole poop thing.
I worry about impaction, and shunt blockage because of the impaction and surgery because of impaction ect. Kyle thinks I overreact sometimes. I don't think I do.
Nick has a whole regiment around poop. He has 3 different medications just for poop - PEG flakes (ie. miralax/restoralax), omega-3 oil and probiotics. We are very proactive with poop medication. As well as fibre in his diet (maybe not as much as we should - but he's 2 and he's starting to get picky). I'm a bit obsessed about his poop, and really don't think it gets assessed like it should unless I do it myself.

Generally we are on the poop ball. I adjust dosages and things start working in 48 hours. I think I'm on top of it - and then this happens. And I feel like I know nothing - again. I feel like I've lost control!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas time together

One fun thing about Christmas - coordinating outfits!!

and trying to get a picture with everyone smiling and facing in the right direction...

Katheryn and Nickolas do more of a combined effort in opening presents than individual. Katheryn quickly opens her own - oohs and aahs, then helps Nick open his.

And their new favorite Christmas book - twas the night before Christmas.
But Katheryn gets upset that Nick is in the book - and she isn't! (St Nick)

Christmas eve and the kids are opening more things.

Katheryn is helping Nick to appreciate the toys he got.

And then it was Santa time.

 And Katheryn did get her hippopotamus for Christmas - like she has been asking for, for weeks!

Our Christmas day involved having as much family over as possible!

And getting some rest when we could

Until it was actually time for bedtime
(And yes I got all coordinating cousin outfits)

I was actually sick for much of Christmas day - I didn't know it, but I caught a virus and was completely exhausted! (I didn't find out I had the virus until a couple of days later)
So not very many pictures.
But we opened presents and ate food and chatted and played all day.
All together.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Cookies with C(K)atheryn

Another back-dated post
Some mom-daughter time with Katheryn.

She is so interested in baking – she loves making those little Pillsbury dough boy cookies, the ones where you just stick them on the pan. I had such a craving for those when I was pregnant with Nickolas – and couldn’t find them anywhere.

I thought it would be fun to make some shape cookies together. I used to do a lot of Christmas baking when I was in school (nothing like putting off studying for finals by making dozens and dozens of cookies).
I will admit that I did cheat a bit. The dough isn’t from scratch – but more of that Pillsbury frozen dough stuff. But it got the job done!

Katheryn really liked that she could make whatever shapes she wanted!


And we can make any Christmas shape we want!


And Katheryn's favorite Christmas shape!
A hippopotamus!!

All in the oven for baking

While those were baking - we decided to build a train!
(please ignore the well-lived-in background)

 One thing about the train.
It kept melting on me!

A little time spent outside soon fixed that
Who knew we could do our Christmas baking with the backdoor open because it was too hot?!

We got the appropriate appreciation for our design

Then more decorating!
OK by this time Katheryn was no longer interested in our mother-daughter time.
She really just wanted to get dirty and/or eat some cookies

The kids had their very own cookies to eat!

Yummy, yummy, yummy!