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Friday, December 2, 2011

Walker Tune Up

Nick's walker got a bit of a tune up this week.
We had it in last week and both Sheka (OT) and Megan (PT) were really  happy with how he's moving, and his lower body, but weren't happy with his upper body.

So out came the tools! And Katheryn's help.

Bringing Katheryn to physio is somewhat new.
We tried it initially last year and Katheryn was more distracting than helpful, but we gave it another try and see how she is
Katheryn found some distractions for herself!

Nick thought it was interesting what they were doing.

Not necessarily when we wanted him to keep going, and going, and going.

But it was all to see how we could get him to hold his wrists in neutral.

Nick has been putting alot of pressure on his wrists, so the idea is to build up the forearm support so he will use his whole arm to help him, and not just his wrist.

And also to keep his wrist from bending too much.

So it was adjusting the handle bars, building up, moving things up and down. And lots of different trials. And then wrapping it all up.

 We left the walker for 1 week and then had another appointment (the one where these pictures were taken) to make some more adjustments and get us ready to send home. And out PT is going to be off for maternity leave, and she wanted our walker to be the best it could be for our new PT in January.

We got him up and running well.

Nick actually really likes the new look!

See you in the fast lane!

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