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Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas time together

One fun thing about Christmas - coordinating outfits!!

and trying to get a picture with everyone smiling and facing in the right direction...

Katheryn and Nickolas do more of a combined effort in opening presents than individual. Katheryn quickly opens her own - oohs and aahs, then helps Nick open his.

And their new favorite Christmas book - twas the night before Christmas.
But Katheryn gets upset that Nick is in the book - and she isn't! (St Nick)

Christmas eve and the kids are opening more things.

Katheryn is helping Nick to appreciate the toys he got.

And then it was Santa time.

 And Katheryn did get her hippopotamus for Christmas - like she has been asking for, for weeks!

Our Christmas day involved having as much family over as possible!

And getting some rest when we could

Until it was actually time for bedtime
(And yes I got all coordinating cousin outfits)

I was actually sick for much of Christmas day - I didn't know it, but I caught a virus and was completely exhausted! (I didn't find out I had the virus until a couple of days later)
So not very many pictures.
But we opened presents and ate food and chatted and played all day.
All together.

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