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Thursday, December 15, 2011

You don't say!

Nick has decided to show off his vocabulary.
Everywhere but in speech therapy.
I call his therapist gushing about how many words he has (he exploded from 5 words to 40 in about 3 weeks). And how I want to refocus our sessions. So we go for a session.
Until about 10 minutes left in our session I left for the bathroom. He starts talking.
In sentences.
With complex sounds. (his favorite word is cheese - with the ch and the eese)

Sabrina (our therapist) had to quickly scribble everything down!
I come back in - nothing.

That kid! I swear he's such a stubborn little thing he wants to talk when he wants to talk. And if he doesn't want to, then he won't.

And we leave, he's chatting and waving bye, and saying "bye-bye 'bina" and pointing at pictures - there is Santa, home, car, no and on and on and on!

I've been trying to write down all of his words and how he says them, but he keeps having more and more every day! And yes that is what I was encouraged about, when I was so worried about his language. That it would just explore one day. Well it has exploded!
It was right around the time that Nick got his wheelchair trial (which we still have borrowed). I was told that this is common, once they find their independence the language will follow.

But Katheryn has a speech delay too (now 'labelled' moderate) and we are starting some session for her in the new year. But she has difficulty is different sounds and not actual words. Sometimes I forget that some kids don't have to work so hard at language (but I did - so I shouldn't be surprised). And in the long run they can all talk.
But understanding has never been an issue, maybe it's the Ridding stubbornness in both of them. Wanting to keep their thoughts a secret and keep their cards close.

(sorry no pictures - I'll try to add some later)

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  1. I HATE SPEECH DELAYS. Honestly, it's probably the one thing that is causing me the most stress with King right now. I keep hearing that there's nothing wrong, it'll come, be patient... it will right? Just like everything else. But it's so much easier to see that in hindsight ;) ugh, this waiting is doing me in. He can 'burst' anytime now! So happy to hear that Nick is there!!