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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cool New Shoes - and Braces

We had a whole day of appointments! But really, what else is new?!
I brought Nick to a committee meeting at work - where he charmed everyone - of course! Then another quick visit and off to mom and baby group, where we left early for our Orthodics appointment and new AFO's.

This wheelchair thing is alot better than the stroller. It lets Nick have some independence, and it is also easy to for me to walk with. I have been trying to actually walk beside Nick with my hand steering, instead of behind. I couldn't do that with the stroller.

So we brought Nick's new Alfie with us for some entertainment.

It took about 1 hour in total, for adjustments and fitting.

We did a little bit of testing it out.

The end (toe) is still too long for what I'm liking. But not any longer than his last pair of AFOs.
Nick's new design is completely his own idea. The Backyardigans are his absolute favorite! He points to all of them and says each of their names.

Nick didn't have any problems adjusting to his new braces.
I was a little worried that there might need to be some adjusting to the length of the brace - or that he wouldn't like them.

But no, no problems at all.

We got Nick some new shoes as well - these one light up when he walks - but he can't see the lights...

And I already have plans for the old ones. When we are swimming in the pool, Nick likes to stand up against the side, and of course his ankles makes me cringe.
So with some swim socks and his old braces, maybe it will help.

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