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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Oh Poop!

I hate poop.
I hate that I worry about poop.

Nick has been constipated. Pebbles constipated. For 5 days.
Over the weekend I kept increasing his PEG and expecting it to get better, but it wasn't. Then I had to sit back and think about how long it has been worrying me. On Friday - yes, on Thursday - yes. Today is Monday. I couldn't wait any longer. Nick was definitely severely constipated, and it was only getting worse.
It was actually the worse I've seen it.

I have been worrying about it. Really, really worried. That I actually call his pediatrician. And I NEVER do that!
But after a couple of phone calls back and forth, some trips to the pharmacy, asking questions on BabyCenter and Facebook and if it doesn't work the first time - try again with more volume. We got it!
Yup we got poop.
It only took a top-down approach of medication, and a bottom up approach of suppository and enemas.

Sometimes I think I overthink the whole poop thing.
I worry about impaction, and shunt blockage because of the impaction and surgery because of impaction ect. Kyle thinks I overreact sometimes. I don't think I do.
Nick has a whole regiment around poop. He has 3 different medications just for poop - PEG flakes (ie. miralax/restoralax), omega-3 oil and probiotics. We are very proactive with poop medication. As well as fibre in his diet (maybe not as much as we should - but he's 2 and he's starting to get picky). I'm a bit obsessed about his poop, and really don't think it gets assessed like it should unless I do it myself.

Generally we are on the poop ball. I adjust dosages and things start working in 48 hours. I think I'm on top of it - and then this happens. And I feel like I know nothing - again. I feel like I've lost control!


  1. I am obsessed with and driven insane by poop as well. I never imagined how much I would think about poop. I think about poop more than nearly anything else some days.

  2. This post is very timely as I am laying in bed unable to sleep tonight and worried about poop. Why oh why? This to me is one of the most frustrating things about sb. Thanks for sharing! I needed this tonight to not feel so alone.

  3. Oh I hear ya! Never did I think poop would be such a huge part of our lives until I had my daughter! She's either constipated or has diarrhoea! And like Nick, as a 2 year old, they don't like to eat high fiber foods. I used to give Caitlin an Activia yoghurt mixed with prunes and it worked a treat. Now she won't touch it.