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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Catch Up and Can't Catch Me

So much to catch up on.
So much I’ve missed blogging about. I’m catching up now (I've spent 2 days catch up with all my posts).
Because I hate having things out of order, I’m going to write a couple of different separate posts –
backdated of course.
- We worked on walking in the walker
- We had an EEG
- I talked to a couple of classes
- We had Nick's walker tuned up
- Nick got his new AFOs
- We had a Christmas party at March of Dimes (CE)
- Had a Santa visit and other holiday parties

We’ve had a really busy couple of months, and every time I think it’s going to get better, I just seem to add more things to my calendar. But I’m hoping for a bit of breathing room. The last 3 weeks of December I’m leaving appointment-free. It’s like a vacation!

Of course while I'm trying to catch up on all of the exciting stuff in the Ridding household - Nick continues to show off!
Literally, while I'm on the computer he decided that it is time to conquer those stairs!

I guess I can check that off our - to-do in physio list!
Nick has LOVED exploring the stairs.
Every time I turn my back - there he is. And he laughs! Because he knows I don`t want him on the stairs when I`m not there. He hasn`t fallen, but I don`t want him to.

I tried putting a gate up (I know - mommy trying to quash Nick`s newfound independence). But that doesn`t work with a 3 year old in the house.

While we are talking about catching, Katheryn has some catching of her own.
We had a little bit of snow - and Katheryn had so much fun running around catching snowflakes on her tongue!

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