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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I have noticed that Nick will sometimes get staring spells.
Where he will just zone out and stare at something. I mentioned it to our pediatrician and also that I had looked up that sometimes these can be ‘abscnence seizures’. After mentioning it to the pediatrician I’ve also had other friends and family mention that they have noticed it as well.

So he ordered an EEG. And he said the words 'epilespy' which completely freaked me out. I also contacted Nick's neurosurgeon, just in case it was something he should be aware of.
But my understanding of the EEG is not for epilepsy, but sometimes kids with spina bifida will have seizures, just because of the way the brain might be.
No big deal right, just hook up some wires and see what happens.

The morning we were supposed to go I started to get a little nervous. I had the whole day planned.
We had physio in the morning. And it was pouring rain. I had both kids (and luckily my mom). Having the accessible parking sticker is great, especially with a wheelchair. But not in a hospital – where you have a total of 4 spots in the lot I park in (as staff). So I dropped everyone off. And ran through the rain by myself.

We got to visit everyone at work and both kids charmed everyone. I had Nick in his wheelchair and he is getting so good at moving himself around when he wants – even going backwards!

Then it was time. I took of my staff ID, hoped Nick was suitably tired (they said to schedule it around nap time - what nap time?!), had my camera, my book and Nick in his chair and off we went to find the place.

We didn't even have to wait very long. I was surprised, but pretty soon we were in the little room and all set up to be comfortable for 1 hour or so.
Of course out came the camera and the request that I would like to take pictures.

So this is the equipment.
Camera, wires and computer

All of the wires had to match these ones. And they had to be equal, and they had to be in the right place. And of course stay on.

How do they stay on?
Well this cup of gunk is like gel.
Nick's hair is parted, some of the gunk is put on, then the end of the wire then a little 2x2 dressing and the whole thing hardens and stays together.

All over his head.
I'm holding him and trying to distract him and keep Nick from pulling anything.
Really the head ones weren't bad.
But there are a couple of that go on his face, and those he hated.
Then his whole head is wrapped up in dressing and we want him to fall asleep!

The EEG guy took the picture for me.
See how happy Nick is about the whole thing?

Surprisingly he did actually fall asleep!
And I had my book to keep my company!

Finally all of those wires could come off!

And Nick with his brand new hairdo was ready to get out of there!

 Results in 2 weeks.
The EEG guy said it looked good. Hopefully the neurologist will agree.

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  1. Kids are amazing. I can't believe he fell asleep with all that on!