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Monday, November 14, 2011

Who? Who? Who is Two?!

The day started off pretty well.
Nick was woken up by sister Katheryn singing 'Happy Birthday' to him!

And he came downstairs to a bunch of presents on his new chair (I've loaded this picture a dozen times and saved it different ways in different files and it still comes sideways!)

All he wanted to do was play with the dinky cars! (Uh oh, I feel a 2 year old attitude coming on)

 He was quite upset that we really wanted him to open those wrapped boxes and put down those cars!

 But he eventually found something he liked better!

And then it was party time!

All of our friends and family to come celebrate with us!

And Nick got lots of things he liked!

Every present we opened, he wanted to play with immediately!

So this...

 Turned into this...

And this...

 Before we got here.

And of course birthday cake time!

Wow Mom! Take a look at that cool cake!

Um, Mommy, did you know all these people are singing?

 I think they are singing for me!
I'll play shy (and give them a show)

OK time to blow!

Yup, I did good!
That's how you do two guys!

Time to eat!

Yummy, let's share!

That was good cake!

Happy 2nd Birthday! I know you had a great day, and have lots of fun ahead of us this year!


  1. AW, NICK!!! Happy birthday little man!! Looks like a great party! He acted exactly the way I anticipate Kingsley acting ;)

    That one picture of him sideways - it looks like Thomas's lights are big hoop earrings :)

  2. Great party! It looked like so much fun :) Happy Birthday Nick!