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Friday, November 4, 2011

Take That spina bifida!

Thought I'd start off with a bang!

That is Nick with his new walker - the newest one (and the winner).
And that is Nick walking independently with it. I'm not helping his feet or moving the walker. He is doing it ALL BY HIMSELF! And we were all there!
And he was happy!

So Take That! Spina bifida!!

Of course it had to happen when Nick was wearing his new Take That! Shirt. We wore it to our spina bifida group and showed it off. It was the fundraising brainchild of Colleen (Nate's mom) along with the facebook group.


  1. Way to go Nickolas! Every time he giggled, K giggled to lol she loved watching it :)

  2. LOVE!!! (and I love his little laugh!)

  3. I am crying tears of joy listening to Nik and his happy giggles! What a trouper...he is truly amazing (as are you Mommy :))

  4. Woohoo! Go Nick! That little chuckle is priceless!