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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wheeling around the zoo

OK, so I wrote this whole post yesterday, left it overnight to finish downloading a video. Came back this morning and it was completely gone. Not even in my draft posts. So here we go again. Hopefully this one will be as awe inspiring and wonderful as the erased one from last night!

I think I've done a number of posts about the zoo. Well, I love the zoo! I love the animals, and I love how the kids love the animals. It's free (well if you don't include the membership and parking fee), it has indoor and outdoor stuff. And they have their favorites!

As soon as they mentioned wheelchair all I could think of what that it would be great to bring to the zoo! I got out my calender and tried to find a free day that we could devote to the zoo and trying out those wheels!
Now that we have the wheelchair I knew it was time to pack up the kids and head out. So the 3 of us spent a nice Monday at the zoo. Which was perfect because it wasn't very busy at all.

What I wanted was for Nick to start to realize that he could move himself where he wanted to go.

The first place we went to was the polar bears. You might remember Katheryn's obsession with the polar bears when we went for her birthday. Nick now shares the same obsession.
Because I had the joy of experiencing Nick's first public display of two-ness!
The polar bears were not really out. And Nick really wanted to see the polar bears, and when I was taking him away he threw a yelling, screaming, kicking fit.

But then we made our way to the penguins. And the penguins were great!
These little guys were great motivators!

It was great for a wheelchair trial. In a nice flat area, not alot of people and the penguins came right up close. I could get Nick to move himself up as long as I didn't have him too far away. Too far away meant crying and pointing.
But I guess a little bit at a time.

Then I thought, hmm that ledge looks perfect for some standing.
So we did that too.

 I think we should just visit the penguins for some physio every day!
Except they are at the top of the hill, and the zoomobile doesn't run again until the spring. And pushing a wheelchair down a hill is kinda difficult.

But we weren't done with the animals yet!

Katheryn wanted to go and see the monkeys. Usually they come pretty close too, but not today. Nick still liked watching them from the distance though.

And Katheryn wanted to play.

As long as they are happy!

This video is a little long, but I was trying to get video of Nick moving , and Katheryn wants me to play hide and seek with her!

Last thing we did was see who was making all of that noise!
Can you see it?

The lions were very vocal today!

The zoo was fun, but exhausting.
It was a good trial for Nick's wheelchair and it is just the beginning to show him everything that is out there, and all that he can do by himself!

I almost forgot. When we were leaving, we went into the gift shop. They were starting to decorate the Christmas tree and the lady in the store let Katheryn and Nick help! Katheryn kept telling her how we decorate our tree at home and Nick kept wanting to keep all the sparkly ones.

I guess this shows they will have fun in a couple of weeks when our tree goes up!