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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Birthday Girl!

The day finally arrived. We had been talking to Katheryn for a while that it was going to be her birthday. And there were going to be presents, and we were going to go to the zoo and she was going to be 3!!!!
So we strated the day off with our special t-shirt. This Little Monkey is Three! and then we got to open some presents. Katheryn gave all the presents out (like at Christmas time), but we had to tell her that, no all the presents were hers.

 Katheryn was so funny. Every single present she opened she did the same thing. It was "ooooh, look!" and then she wanted to wear/play/watch whatever it was.
We had to stop opening presents for a while after Katheryn opened up a Dora DVD and we watched it.
But she was definately more into the presents than she has been any other year.

Then it was off to the zoo to see polar bears! We go to the zoo every year on her birthday. Last year we wore just our t-shirts (and pants ect). But this year when we went we had to be appropriately dressed for April weather. Notice the winter coat and red cheeks! (We were also in winter hats and gloves)

Katheryn was too excited to wait for the actual polar bears - she was hugging the sign!

Polar Bears!!! 

OK, now we can see some more animals. But first some very  important puddle splashing with Madi.

And another favorite - Turtles!!! Always a hit, especially when they are so, so close.

And Nick enjoyed watching the fish swim around in the aquarium.

We took a break for some birthday cupcakes and singing. Katheryn as usual really hated the cake part. I can add this to the other 2 pictures of Katheryn crying in front of the birthday cake (I know mean, mean mommy). But it's a tradition, just like the zoo!

Katheryn was really happy just eating some nacho chips.

That's ok,  it leaves more for this guy!

What?! Do I have something on my chin?

That's right, it's my birthday. I am a big girl now!!!
Here is a video of how Katheryn reacts when we sing happy birthday to her.


  1. LOL!!!! Hilarious! I love her huffy huff in that video! I would totally take a video as well. ;)

    LOVE the shot of Nick with cake all over his face!


  2. Your so evil, but its hillarious!