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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Just monkeying around!

True to form, Nickolas decided to show off while Mommy was busy at work this week.

Video, I am sure, will come. But Nick said his first word!


Very clear. So clear, I was out of the room, and I thought it was Katheryn who had said it!
Also true to form, Nick has been very stubborn that he refuses to say it again on command. (I should know better than command a Ridding to do anything!).

Nick has also started to pick up some baby sign language. Something we've only been working on for a couple of weeks. Kyle and I are not very good at doing it. But hope to work more on it through the next month or so.
We didn't push it when he was younger because he wasn't that interested in using his finger or hands. But working on OT cleared all of that. So I thought it was time to try to see what we can all do together.

Look at the pictures, I just noticed that we keep putting things on his head - and then he keeps trying to take it off! But it looks so cute!!

We'll just rock out in the meantime...

Coming soon - information about our yearly Spirit Wheel Walk Run for spina bifida.
June 18 - everyone is welcome!


  1. Here I thought he was putting stuff on his head:). He is so cute, and what a beautiful first word!

  2. So sweet! Those first times they say 'mama' is just all too precious!

  3. MAMA!!! How awesome! Aw, melt my heart.

  4. Too cute. :) Jet is VERY stubborn about speaking on command too. But good for Nick using some baby signs! Jet is...well...apparently stubborn in more than one area.