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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is a big thing in our house.
Over the years we have put a lot of work into our costumes and start thinking about it in the summer (if not November 1st). And over the past 4 years we have made wheelchair costumes as well.

 Here is a review over the years:
2014, last year we had Elsa and Michaelangelo with his shellraiser

2013 we had a Superhero and Tyrone with his neighborhood

2012 we had Cinderella and her carriage, and a Pirate with his pirate ship (my first wheelchair/walker costume)

2011 was the year of a Princess and a Knight

2010 we had a whole family theme with Little Red Ridinghood and the Big Bad Wolf

2009 we even had halloween costumes before Nick was born! Lady from Lady and the Tramp and a Pumpkin

2008 Katheryn was Lady from Lady and the Tramp as well, but it was a hot Halloween and Katheryn didn't wear it except to get a couple of pictures

In the summer we started talking about Halloween. and Nick wanted  to be Captain America.
Alot of Nick's costume isn't really the costume, it is the matching wheelchair costume. I had bought a Captain America little boys costume online in the summer, but when it came it was the wrong size and it was also a one-peice costume. Which does not work for us.

Last year Nick's costume was a sweatshirt costume, and it worked very well. This year Nick's sweatshirt didn't have the mask, but that's ok. Thats why we have face paint

Katheryn was very specific that she wanted to be an angel.
I think I spent more time on her costume this year, finding all of the perfect pieces to come together.
Her wings are feathers (and she molted the whole walk). Katheryn has also liked wearing wigs, so I got her a fun blond one with ringlets

 The weather was beautiful so we didn't need to layer the costumes this year and had a very happy Captain and Angel

 Nick's costume looked FANTASTIC, if I do say so myself.
Everyone thought that it was great

Katheryn and Nick decided to do some play acting for us

Captain America running down an Angel!

I think that angel is full is mischievous!

We got a costume for Rory as well.
It is supposed to be a unicorn with a princess. I bought it a month ago, it doesn't fit now, so we got some velcro for it to fit on her back (the head piece we couldn't do anything about)

Soon it was time for some trick or treating!

Both kids had a great time trick or treating. All of our houses have stairs, so Katheryn went up with Nick's bag (unless the owners came down with candy... some people did). And Rory was very well behaved for the walk

The kids had a lot of fun trick or treating and both kids got lots of compliments on their costumes. It started raining right at the end of our night and their bags were full so everyone was happy to go back home.

Katheryn stayed out a little while longer to hand our some candy herself

I had to go into work Halloween night (thanks to a co-worker who stayed an extra hour so I could stay for the trick-or-treating).

Of course I don't like wearing plain old scrubs on any type of holiday. So I made up some fun Birthing Centre shirts for us all to wear. Halloween themed of course, I 'heart' Mummies

Another successful Halloween done.
Tomorrow we will start planning for next year!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Creating a Costume - 2015

Nick decided that he wanted to be Captain America for Halloween this year.
OK, so what does Captain America use that I can make into a wheelchair costume?
(Nick got too tired last year with his walker costume trick-or-treating, so we decided to only concentrate on the wheelchair this week).

I did some google searches to see what was out there, and found some ideas. But I thought really all I needed was a kids bike that I could tear apart. It also allows it to be waterproof, which is a must in our Ontario climate (and it has rained the last 3 years)

Luckily I was able to find one, and it was already taken apart!

Ideally the handlebars would actually be attached the the wheel. But that's ok we can work with this

First we needed some more inspiration

Then Nick I took a trip to Canadian Tire to check out what they  had.
I didn't have a big idea, so we just browsed for some inspiration. The plumbing section seems to have the most selection of parts that I was looking for. And of course some spray paint, glue, and duct tape. Also some gloves (in case it is cold), a touch light and bristol board.

Then I needed to put the bike together.
There was grease all over, so I covered everything with some shiny duct tape. I had thought it was only silver duct tape, but it had writing all of it, so I had to spray paint it. I had bought a T-shaped pipe cover and used it to hold the steering wheel with the wheel and taped it all together.
(It held, but was very loose)

Pretty simple, but still didn't really look like Caps' motorbike

So I made up some shields for Nick's wheels out of the bristol boards.

I got some straight pipe covers to boost up the bike's appearance and then spray painted everything

Too late I realized I got silver all over the wheels. So I spray painted the wheels black

We added the light and now it was starting to come together

Now I was stuck, I didn't have any ideas about how to actually attach it to Nick's wheelchair. So I enlisted Kyle's help.

 We bought a broom handle and spray painted it silver, and then zip-tied the bike to the chair. It also lifted the wheels off the ground.

The last problem we had was how to keep the bike off of Nick's lap.
What we needed was something for the bike to just rest in.

In the end we had a bike rack that was able to be tied to the chair and sit around Nick for the bike to rest against. We covered the rack and the sides of Nick's chair with the pipe covers (which also protects it) and zip tied everything together.

Here is Captain America!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Pumpkin carving

 The kids wanted to be more involved in pumpkin carving this year.
Katheryn wanted to do everything, including cleaning out the pumpkin.
She wasn't that sure once she got started, but gave it a good try.

Nick was happy just to watch us.

He really wanted to carve his pumpkin all by himself.

Once we got the top off, the Katheryn and Nickolas did some of it together

Here are our finished products

Katheryn's monster with lots of eyes that go all around the pumpkin

And she signed her name on the back

Mommy did the Hulk.

Nick did a square face

Nick was very proud of his pumpkin

Sunday, October 25, 2015

The kids got Baptized

A day that has long been overdue finally arrived.
The kids got baptized

The kids got all dressed up

And even got some smiles for pictures

Katheryn got a little bit nervous for the actual baptism. She didn't want her head to get wet. The other family that had a child baptized was an older child as well, so all of the kids were more comfortable
Thanks to godparents Laura and Brad

Now that all of the ceremony is done, it is time for some funny faces!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Police Games

It was time for the annual Durham Police Children's Games!
Nick has so much fun every year, and this will be our third year attending. We look forward to it every year (and I have next year in my calendar as well).

Every year the kids are organized into different police groups. Nick was in the Traffic Group. And they all go whistles!

Each group has a couple of leaders. Nick's leader was a teacher he knew from Campbell's, and then we had a couple of police officers with us as well. There are a number of different games to play and the kids get points (after practice time).

A shooting game

Pushing the big ball (Nick's favorite thing to do)





Nick got to play curling against his friend Reid

There was a dress up game, how quickly can you dress the police man

Nick liked dressing himself

We learned over the last couple of years that this would happen. Since Nick wants to use his walker at the beginning of we day, we used it for the first part of the day and then kept the wheelchair in the main room for when he started to get tired

Then it was time for some hockey

With the police as goalie

And wheelchair rugby against another team

Nick wasn't that interested in the game, he just wanted to play with his friends

But he did like being goalie

They had a couple of characters around for the kids
There was Spiderman

And Anna and Elsa

Elsa really liked Nick's new sunglasses!

The Police games is about the sports and trying out new sports, as well as an opportunity for Nick to meet up with his friends again. Nick was happy that he got to meet up with some of his friends from Campbell's that he may not have seen since June

Alejandra and Nick have known each other since they were babies, but were still excited to spend the day together

Nick and Reid met in school last year and had a lot of fun together

They spent a lot of their time play fighting and wrestling

They were inseparable during the games

Nick also got to meet up with his EA from Campbell's, Mrs Pam!

Nick also got to meet a Sledge Hockey Paralympian champion, and see his bronze medal!
And he was born with spina bifida, just like Nick

Nick had a great time at the Police games, and asks when he can go back (the bad news, is that it is next year)

  The team got to have a team photo, and everyone got their medals.

Nick is excited to bring his medal to school next week

Thank you so much to the Durham Regional Policy for another great Children's Games! Can't wait until next year!