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Friday, October 30, 2015

Creating a Costume - 2015

Nick decided that he wanted to be Captain America for Halloween this year.
OK, so what does Captain America use that I can make into a wheelchair costume?
(Nick got too tired last year with his walker costume trick-or-treating, so we decided to only concentrate on the wheelchair this week).

I did some google searches to see what was out there, and found some ideas. But I thought really all I needed was a kids bike that I could tear apart. It also allows it to be waterproof, which is a must in our Ontario climate (and it has rained the last 3 years)

Luckily I was able to find one, and it was already taken apart!

Ideally the handlebars would actually be attached the the wheel. But that's ok we can work with this

First we needed some more inspiration

Then Nick I took a trip to Canadian Tire to check out what they  had.
I didn't have a big idea, so we just browsed for some inspiration. The plumbing section seems to have the most selection of parts that I was looking for. And of course some spray paint, glue, and duct tape. Also some gloves (in case it is cold), a touch light and bristol board.

Then I needed to put the bike together.
There was grease all over, so I covered everything with some shiny duct tape. I had thought it was only silver duct tape, but it had writing all of it, so I had to spray paint it. I had bought a T-shaped pipe cover and used it to hold the steering wheel with the wheel and taped it all together.
(It held, but was very loose)

Pretty simple, but still didn't really look like Caps' motorbike

So I made up some shields for Nick's wheels out of the bristol boards.

I got some straight pipe covers to boost up the bike's appearance and then spray painted everything

Too late I realized I got silver all over the wheels. So I spray painted the wheels black

We added the light and now it was starting to come together

Now I was stuck, I didn't have any ideas about how to actually attach it to Nick's wheelchair. So I enlisted Kyle's help.

 We bought a broom handle and spray painted it silver, and then zip-tied the bike to the chair. It also lifted the wheels off the ground.

The last problem we had was how to keep the bike off of Nick's lap.
What we needed was something for the bike to just rest in.

In the end we had a bike rack that was able to be tied to the chair and sit around Nick for the bike to rest against. We covered the rack and the sides of Nick's chair with the pipe covers (which also protects it) and zip tied everything together.

Here is Captain America!

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