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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

So this happened...

I have heard from a number of people. But I thought that you were married?
We were as close to actually being married as you could be, without actually being married. Common-law for 9 years, legal name change, two children and a life together. Just no priest, no ring and no paperwork.

Well that changed and in a week we decided to get married.
We didn't tell anyone, just immediate family, Jennifer the kids daycare provider, my best friend Lisa and her kids, and a friend from work, who found out we were getting married and couldn't stay away (unless you count getting lost).

All of these people came together and brought something to make our wedding perfect.
We didn't really have a wedding party, everyone who attended was a part of the wedding.

In a week of running around and working regularly, with some appointments in the mix and a big paper due, the day arrived and we were getting married!

Hair and makeup done and ready
Melissa made me get my makeup done, I said that it wasn't necessary (but it was)

At home we had a handsome boy looking all dapper in a bow tie (because bow ties are cool) and some suspenders

And a new dress and a gorgeous little girl.
And the kids did some crafts before the wedding so that Nick and Katheryn could act in their respective roles

Then it was off to the church!

Flowers were provided for everyone by my mother-in-law, and a lucky horseshoe

And my dad to walk me down the aisle

Katheryn was not very happy about going in first

And none of the kids thought this whole wedding thing was very exciting

After 9 years, we didn't just do it quietly at city hall or anything.
We were in a church, with a Catholic Priest. And a Catholic ceremony (which may or may not have been involved in the above pictures)

Can't forget the rings

 It was very small and intimate, about 20 family

But really it was just Kyle and me

We had some papers to sign

And we are done!

Oh wait, one more thing

And the official (really, really official) Mr and Mrs Ridding

All of the photographs were taken by family, the scenic ones were taken by Lisa my designated photograph (I wish my camera had worked better for her)

We got a couple of quick family pictures
(Kyle and I had a class immediately after the wedding, so pictures were cut short)

Katheryn was very specific about when we could take her picture. Luckily we got one before everyone had to leave for dinner

We went to the Keg for dinner of course, just a family dinner (Thanks Dad)
 There was even a kids table

All of the photographs I got was thanks to people who were there.
And a typical wedding picture taken by Melissa

 We even had a wedding cake, Thanks to my sister Laura

But a little exhausting... 

It was a perfect wedding day for us!

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