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Monday, October 12, 2015


Thanksgiving was full of lots of fun with the kids!
We were all up at the cottage, and did some cottage jumping for the weekend as well.

We had some Avengers with us

And some quiet peaceful moments

Rory and Sam love it at the cottages.
At Orr Lake we had 4 dogs, 4 kids, 5 adults in one cottage. And all of the other cottages we full too


Katheryn actually let me take some smiling pictures

We went to the pumpkin patch (the same place we've been going to the last 3 years)
Nick had lots of fun running all over the place

The pumpkin patch has some fun toys for the kids to play with.
The giant tires were a hit (and I was trying to ignore the fact that tires are latex)

Katheryn got to ride some tire-horses

The boys played Avengers

Nick and Kyle had some races

Nick had some time with Grandma

Katheryn loved the jumping castle. She would get up so high!

Nick had no desire to jump, he was happy just jumping in his walker.

How much do 4 kids weigh?

Nick got brave and went in to feed the sheep. He let them eat right out of his hand!

Nick didn't want to go out into the field to pick his pumpkin (Kyle and Katheryn did though).
But he had his eye on the one he wanted

He just had to lift it up

Good try!

After a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner it was time for the Kushog Lake cottage
And a whole bunch of new cousins!
This time it was 5 dogs, 9 kids, 12 adults and 1 cottage. The weather was fantastic so we all ate Thanksgiving outside!

Katheryn is growing taller every day! I remember when she couldn't do this last year

Rory decided to explore the shoreline

And Nick just to rest

What is more fantastic that a pile of dirt at the cottage?!

Katheryn decided she was going to be queen

And baby Gwenny was all smiles as usual

Nick's ramp held up really well!

It was a great Thanksgiving, with lots of cottaging!

And the turkey song!
Gobble gobble, gobble gobble, gobble gobble, gobble get.

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