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Read about our family as we journey through life as a family, with siblings, school and spina bifida, and lots of fun and laughter along the way!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

The day has arrived!
Time to get ready to head out to school
Nick had his walker...
We've had a number of people who don't know who Tryone is...
(I think I did pretty good...)
(I was afraid to send his wheelchair costume with the houses I spend hours doing to school)
They went trick-or-treating at school
And Katheryn was a super-hero
Just like she wanted since the summertime.
With make-uped mask

Katheryn wanted to be her own super-hero.
She was excited to go, and I had plans to do all this crafty-stuff to her costume, but it didn't really need any touch-ups. Katheryn was happy with it (she just wanted the make-up - and colour in her hair)

  The kids picked out my costume

The day and night called for rain and wind.
So we wanted to get going in a clear period

 See my foam houses!! I didn't really get any pictures of the finished product
It was all made of foam and plastic so that it can withstand the rain

And it did
We got to the end of the street before the rain started
But we got soaked by the time we were done (and kids wanted to go back too)

I forgot how last year we had some issues about actually trick-or-treating
Until we got to the first house
and the steps

Nick didn't really mind though
Some people in the houses came out to give Nick candy on the driveway, and Katheryn was good at asking for something for her brother, or one of us going up with her.
(We did have one person who thought he was Santa's reindeer... with the houses)

 He  didn't notice, didn't care.
And hopefully I'll have a plan if her comes to that point.
But right now it's about fun and showing off how cute they look!

And what some sugar at bedtime does to the kids
(And vampire teeth in the Halloween bags)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

a Sneak Halloween Peak

The same as last year, I had a walker and a wheelchair idea going.
And I had one day set aside to do everything!
This is my walker!

I had to try him in it a couple of time to make sure I wasn't blocking anything.
Plastic plates, permanent markers, popsicle sticks, green tape and a plastic table cloth

Nick just wanted to try out the antlers!
(And he has orange face makeup on too)

My wheelchair houses needed some additional work as well

I wanted it to be real houses
To have more substance, but still be able to go on the chair.
This is the final product

It should be waterproof and durable enough.
Now I just have to make sure that they will stay on the wheelchair.
I'm waiting for something to attach it to (my project for tomorrow). But the Tyrone house (the orange one) will fit behind him, and the other 2 should go beside the chair.

Because I put so much work into it, I'm hesitant to send him to school with these houses. So the wheelchair will go around on Halloween Night, and the walker will be ready for school.

Nick thinks they are fantastic! But there was a lot of detail in these!
Katheryn is ok will so much time spent on Nick's costume. She just wants me to paint her face

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fun and Games

Today was our first annual Durham Region Police Children's Games. It was the 29th year they have done this, and this is the first year Nick was old enough to participate.
It is fun, it is free and the kids had a great time!

You can read about the write-up on the DRPS site here, and also the Toronto Sun here (with pictures, I think we are in 3 or 4 of them)

 Nick was in the PATROL group. It was a group made up of kids from Grandview.
I wasn't quite sure what to expect, and he wanted to walk in his walker. So that is what we brought.

It was a bit spread out (it was at the Pickering Rec Complex), and there was a lot of walking. So Nick got tired, before we even got started!

It started with a parade, including bag-pipes and an honor guard.
They had the kids parade in. The Patrols came, and we were waiting for Nick....
And I had to go and help him. He was doing it, just slowly, he goes faster with just a touch of help.

There were all kinds of different police men there, all in full uniform (including weapons), even some police dogs too, and dress uniforms as well.

There were all kinds of different games to play and try out.
I wasn't sure whether Katheryn would be able to participate or not. I described it to her like at Easter Seals Camp, where the Easter Seals kids went first and if there was time the siblings were able to go.

We did the parachute... How long does it take for all of the balls to get in the holes.

Then there was lots of running underneath and playing

We played Golf


 Nick had no desire to push the big ball, but Katheryn did

There was Hockey

Katheryn was a pro
 Then it was time for Bocci Ball



Nick took a bit of a break

Katheryn enjoyed herself with the police chasing her
(Hopefully only at this time...)

It was not all laughing, Nick got very tired and wouldn't play, so he wouldn't play, so we just watched.

We refused to be part of the team photo. So we took him out, he had a bit of a rest and then we took a couple of just him (that she fit in perfectly)

And we even got an almost-smile

Nick had fun playing wheelchair rugby (and got an assist in the game)
We were going to go home after we ate, but Nick finally agreed to go in his chair. Some food and a mini-siesta and he was full of energy again!

There was entertainment, a live band, pizza and cupcakes
And everyone registered got an award and loot bag
The had some extra awards, so Katheryn got one too
Next year... Oct 25th, 2014.... I have it marked on the calendar to do it again!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween Plans

We have had a plan for Halloween since the summer.
Nickolas has had a very specific request.
He wants to be Tyrone from the Backyardigans
So my mind started thinking about what I wanted to do.
First I prices out off-the-rack costumes.
I didn't like them
So I looked for how to make them.
Got my pieces back in July
But now it is 1 week to Halloween, and I have to put these plans into action.
We have 2 costumes to make.
A walker backyard, and a wheelchair backyard, with Tyrone in the middle.

 I needed to make sure I had the right inspiration.


I made some quick drawings to see how it would show up.
It's very important for everything to be waterproof.
I don't want to do something in paper and then have it all dissolve in the rain/snow, or not use it because it would.

I added 2 other houses for the walker (yellow and purple) which aren't in the original picture
So I have plastic plates to use for the walker-houses (draft versions above)
Then foam for the houses for the larger wheelchair-houses.

I'm going to put it all together this weekend.
I am a little nervous that it is going to flop...

Katheryn is going to be a super-hero, and her costume is all done.
I was going to add some embellishments to her, but I pulled it out yesterday and I think I might just make it worse. But I'll do something for her... Maybe some wrist cuffs?