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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Flying High

We were off for our first airplane ride! Punta Cana for my brother's wedding.
24 people all sharing the trip.
I originally had some concerns about how Nick would be and any additional concerns regarding Nickolas in his wheelchair. But everything pretty much happened without a hitch.
We made sure we packed lots of stuff (and used about half of it)

We brought Nick's walker and checked it. Nick was NOT happy that he didn't get to keep his walker.
And once we waited in the correct line-up we were able to check it no problem
(Contrary to what the first person told us). Nick's walker was no charge for medical equipment, we checked it and it travelled no issues.

We took Nick's wheelchair with us, left it at the gate and picked it up at the gate when we got there. I had been a bit worried about it being damaged, but no problems.
We also got to skip all kinds of lines.

Even during the security check we didn't have any issues. Kyle had to take Nick out of his chair. All I could think was one of us being pulled out for a 'random security check'.
After a while it was time to get in the plane.

I tried really hard not to show how nervous I was. The kids were excited, and even Kyle hadn't been in a plane since he was 5. And mind over matter, if I pretended I wasn't nervous, I wasn't.

We got to pre-book Nick's seat for free (and 1 adult). Nickolas was very specific that he wanted to sit with Kyle. So Katheryn and I sat a couple of rows back (we pre-booked our seats for a cost).
All settled in for a 4 hour plane ride.

We were able to get some great pictures out the window.
And watched the sun set as well.
I had to cath Nick in the middle of the ride. Nick sitting on the top of the little bathroom potty while I'm crouching in front of him... and the plane started bouncing with turbulence. But I didn't want to wait and do it in the airport, or wait longer to actually get settled.

Nick fell asleep almost right away. And so was still sleepy when we arrived.
We ended up landing at 9pm (the kids were fine drinking to pop ears on the way down).
We had to carry Nick down off the plane, and then wait for the wheelchair while everyone went ahead of us.
Luckily we sent our family ahead with description of our luggage. So our were all collected by the time we made it through customs.

We were in our room by about 1130. Dropped everything and crawled into bed.
The kids behaved very well through the whole (long) day!
Tomorrow is time for some sun and sand!

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