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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

a Sneak Halloween Peak

The same as last year, I had a walker and a wheelchair idea going.
And I had one day set aside to do everything!
This is my walker!

I had to try him in it a couple of time to make sure I wasn't blocking anything.
Plastic plates, permanent markers, popsicle sticks, green tape and a plastic table cloth

Nick just wanted to try out the antlers!
(And he has orange face makeup on too)

My wheelchair houses needed some additional work as well

I wanted it to be real houses
To have more substance, but still be able to go on the chair.
This is the final product

It should be waterproof and durable enough.
Now I just have to make sure that they will stay on the wheelchair.
I'm waiting for something to attach it to (my project for tomorrow). But the Tyrone house (the orange one) will fit behind him, and the other 2 should go beside the chair.

Because I put so much work into it, I'm hesitant to send him to school with these houses. So the wheelchair will go around on Halloween Night, and the walker will be ready for school.

Nick thinks they are fantastic! But there was a lot of detail in these!
Katheryn is ok will so much time spent on Nick's costume. She just wants me to paint her face

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