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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

The day has arrived!
Time to get ready to head out to school
Nick had his walker...
We've had a number of people who don't know who Tryone is...
(I think I did pretty good...)
(I was afraid to send his wheelchair costume with the houses I spend hours doing to school)
They went trick-or-treating at school
And Katheryn was a super-hero
Just like she wanted since the summertime.
With make-uped mask

Katheryn wanted to be her own super-hero.
She was excited to go, and I had plans to do all this crafty-stuff to her costume, but it didn't really need any touch-ups. Katheryn was happy with it (she just wanted the make-up - and colour in her hair)

  The kids picked out my costume

The day and night called for rain and wind.
So we wanted to get going in a clear period

 See my foam houses!! I didn't really get any pictures of the finished product
It was all made of foam and plastic so that it can withstand the rain

And it did
We got to the end of the street before the rain started
But we got soaked by the time we were done (and kids wanted to go back too)

I forgot how last year we had some issues about actually trick-or-treating
Until we got to the first house
and the steps

Nick didn't really mind though
Some people in the houses came out to give Nick candy on the driveway, and Katheryn was good at asking for something for her brother, or one of us going up with her.
(We did have one person who thought he was Santa's reindeer... with the houses)

 He  didn't notice, didn't care.
And hopefully I'll have a plan if her comes to that point.
But right now it's about fun and showing off how cute they look!

And what some sugar at bedtime does to the kids
(And vampire teeth in the Halloween bags)

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