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Monday, October 14, 2013

Sun and Sand

That's right!
We were ready for some sun and sand!
This is what Punta Cana looks like during the day! (Yes I took this picture)

We stayed at Ocean Blue and Sand resort. It was very child-friendly, all-inclusive, fully accessible (except for the golf carts), most of the staff spoke English, everyone was friendly. It was great!

The kids were all prepared to spend a whole week in the water!


And Kyle and I were all ready to do a lot of this...

Thanks to Jill and her discussion about the puddle jumpers I went out and made sure we had some for our trip.
When we were at Easter Seals Camp in the summer, the kids loved the water. But life jackets are very bulky. I probably wouldn't have got them, except Jill raved about them.
OMG! These are the best inventions EVER!
Nick could swim! By himself!
It took about 1 day for him to be comfortable, and that was it. He was off!

We did got to the beach as well.
I don't remember really liking the ocean, but I couldn't get enough of it. I loved just riding the waves.
I would have spent my whole day at the beach if I could.

Nick wasn't that happy with the beach, or at least in the ocean.
I may have been responsible for that.

Our first day, Nick and I went down. I carried him in and we ran into the ocean. We rode the waves and played. Coming back in, I had him in my lap and was coming back in on my bum (getting sand everywhere). A big wave hit us, we both flew over backwards as the wave rushed over us.
We both came up sputtering.
Nick would not go in the ocean again.
But he loved the sand

And Katheryn loved the surf!

We spent most of the time camped out between one of two pools, in the shallow end, and the beach. My sister and family usually had 4-6 spots saved. And my parents were usually around. The party animals (my brother and friends) were usually at the other pool by the swim-up bar.

The kids really liked going up to the swim-up bar and ordering apple juice or chocolate milk.

The sun got hot and we all had at least 60 sunscreen on (luckily only Kyle and I burned) the kids still got dark.
And every afternoon we all went in for a siesta. The got all dressed up for dinner.

Nick travelled in his wheelchair the whole trip.
The resort was very spread out and we did a lot of walking. So we spent the day in the water, no braces. But put Nick's braces on at dinner time so he could get out of his chair and move around.

I knew that this trip was the perfect opportunity to get some family pictures. And it took a while to get what I wanted. I got a bunch of excellent pictures, but never quite what I had in my mind... 
I took over 700 pictures between 3 cameras, so I got all the pictures that really count.
Nick was not very happy that the wave got him!

Not that I'm complaining. I have a beautiful family and we had such an amazing time! I can piece all kinds of pictures together that shows how much fun it was!

I could stay here forever!

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