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Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween Plans

We have had a plan for Halloween since the summer.
Nickolas has had a very specific request.
He wants to be Tyrone from the Backyardigans
So my mind started thinking about what I wanted to do.
First I prices out off-the-rack costumes.
I didn't like them
So I looked for how to make them.
Got my pieces back in July
But now it is 1 week to Halloween, and I have to put these plans into action.
We have 2 costumes to make.
A walker backyard, and a wheelchair backyard, with Tyrone in the middle.

 I needed to make sure I had the right inspiration.


I made some quick drawings to see how it would show up.
It's very important for everything to be waterproof.
I don't want to do something in paper and then have it all dissolve in the rain/snow, or not use it because it would.

I added 2 other houses for the walker (yellow and purple) which aren't in the original picture
So I have plastic plates to use for the walker-houses (draft versions above)
Then foam for the houses for the larger wheelchair-houses.

I'm going to put it all together this weekend.
I am a little nervous that it is going to flop...

Katheryn is going to be a super-hero, and her costume is all done.
I was going to add some embellishments to her, but I pulled it out yesterday and I think I might just make it worse. But I'll do something for her... Maybe some wrist cuffs?

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