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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Home again... with attitude

While we were away Nick went through an attitude adjustment.
I'm not quite sure why or what triggered it.

He has turned into a little monster. And not in a cute way.
A "I hate you mommy" and "I hit you on purpose, Ha!" evil kind of way.
He will just get so wrapped up in being evil and mean and it spirals out of control.
It's not just me, it was directed at Kyle and Katheryn as well (but I felt I got more of the "I hate you's").

He won't stay in place for a time-out, he crawls away and laughs and continues to say how much he hates us. Putting him by himself makes him scream. We found that wrapping him up burrito-style in a blanket, with him arms helped to calm him down.

The last day on our trip, in the bathroom, I'm crouching in front of him cathing him in his chair and he is saying "I hate you", "I hate you", and he pulled back and punched me in the face.
I was not happy.
I brought him back to were we were waiting and he had to stand with his face in the chair until he was calm enough and ready to apologize.

It has continued to some extend while we have been home.
Regular time-outs are not working.
Putting him in his room seem to be the answer, except he screams that he doesn't want to be alone.
But he is ready to be nice and apologize quicker.

I'm not quite sure what the trigger was, but I'm hoping now that we are settling back into our home routine it will get better.
Apparently in school and daycare he remains the cute little boy.

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  1. Oh, Amanda, that's a hard phase!! Is he tired? I hope he gets over this fast. For what it's worth, I was just going to post about Kingsley's latest escapes and how hard it is to discipline him also. :/ Just when we thought we had it all figured out, eh?