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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fun and Games

Today was our first annual Durham Region Police Children's Games. It was the 29th year they have done this, and this is the first year Nick was old enough to participate.
It is fun, it is free and the kids had a great time!

You can read about the write-up on the DRPS site here, and also the Toronto Sun here (with pictures, I think we are in 3 or 4 of them)

 Nick was in the PATROL group. It was a group made up of kids from Grandview.
I wasn't quite sure what to expect, and he wanted to walk in his walker. So that is what we brought.

It was a bit spread out (it was at the Pickering Rec Complex), and there was a lot of walking. So Nick got tired, before we even got started!

It started with a parade, including bag-pipes and an honor guard.
They had the kids parade in. The Patrols came, and we were waiting for Nick....
And I had to go and help him. He was doing it, just slowly, he goes faster with just a touch of help.

There were all kinds of different police men there, all in full uniform (including weapons), even some police dogs too, and dress uniforms as well.

There were all kinds of different games to play and try out.
I wasn't sure whether Katheryn would be able to participate or not. I described it to her like at Easter Seals Camp, where the Easter Seals kids went first and if there was time the siblings were able to go.

We did the parachute... How long does it take for all of the balls to get in the holes.

Then there was lots of running underneath and playing

We played Golf


 Nick had no desire to push the big ball, but Katheryn did

There was Hockey

Katheryn was a pro
 Then it was time for Bocci Ball



Nick took a bit of a break

Katheryn enjoyed herself with the police chasing her
(Hopefully only at this time...)

It was not all laughing, Nick got very tired and wouldn't play, so he wouldn't play, so we just watched.

We refused to be part of the team photo. So we took him out, he had a bit of a rest and then we took a couple of just him (that she fit in perfectly)

And we even got an almost-smile

Nick had fun playing wheelchair rugby (and got an assist in the game)
We were going to go home after we ate, but Nick finally agreed to go in his chair. Some food and a mini-siesta and he was full of energy again!

There was entertainment, a live band, pizza and cupcakes
And everyone registered got an award and loot bag
The had some extra awards, so Katheryn got one too
Next year... Oct 25th, 2014.... I have it marked on the calendar to do it again!

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