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Monday, October 7, 2013

I'm Thankful for...

Because we are going to be away for Thanksgiving, we went up to the cottage for our annual Thanksgiving a week early.
And headed out to the pumpkin patch farm!

Nick started out by wanting to be right in the middle of the pumpkins

And picking out which one he wanted.

But this farm had lots more than just pumpkins.
The kids wanted to try out a bunch of the different things.
Nick wanted to try to tractor (except he couldn't reach anything but the steering wheel)

 And Katheryn tried the bucking bronco.
(I did too... once I could climp onto it)

 The had a train that went around the grounds.
Nick was a little unsure about it, and wanted to go with Katheryn the first time...
But the next 2 times he went all by himself.
A bunch of teenage girls who were on as well afterwards told us how cute our kids were

The part that the kids had the most fun, was the slide.
Nick and I kept going up and down, up and down, up and down.
Along with a whole bunch of other kids (which included pushing and racing past us).
But when we got to the top and the kids just barreled through us, I had to talk with them about waiting their turn.

They had a petting zoo, but after Marie, my mother in law, got trapped in the entry way after letting a goat through, the kids weren't that interested anymore.

Nick didn't want to touch anything!

It was muddy, so we had originally brought the walker, but Nick ended up riding in a cow-wagon thing they had, or riding on Kyle's shoulders.

We practiced standing at the pumpkins.
I tried to distract Nick to lift his hands... but no tricking him!

And then I got the perfect background for my phone...

I'm Thankful this thanksgiving for everything that we have. My happy and healthy kids, the joy of being their mother. And being together as a family.
And I'm thankful for such a fantastic weekend up at the cottage

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