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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sharks, Stingrays and a Pirate Ship!

Today we went on a pirate ship.
The bus ride there was interesting. The wheelchair went in the passenger seat, and the driving in Punta Cana is different from driving at home. For example, we have stop lights, and stop signs, and speed limits. They have large vehicles, pot holes and speed bumps. I did not see a single stop light.
But we were in a big bus, and we made it.
Katheryn was worried we were going to see real pirates, and Nick was excited that we might meet pirates! (There were no pirates).
We did make sure that the boat was accessible to Nick's wheelchair - and it was.
The sand... not so much
I was excited to swim with the sharks.
The kids didn't want anything to do with the sharks, in fact they didn't even want ME to be in with the sharks.
But they were game for the sting rays.
I have some pictures of us with the sting rays, but here is a video of us getting a sting-ray back massage. (It was soft).
Nick wasn't that happy about it, but he let us do it twice, and he was great actually touching the sting ray again (but a sold NO to feeding it fish).

The boat had entertainment as well, as we went between the sharks/sting rays as well as snorkeling and back to the beach.
Katheryn liked In the navy

And Nick thought the boat thing was great!

 I'm glad we went on an excursion. But I'm good with the rest of the time by the water.

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